The Zambot Team is a group of characters from Invincible Steel Man Zambot 3 and are minor characters in The Knights of the Multiverse. The pilots of Zambot 3, they were the youngest members of the Allied Robot Corps. In addition to that, all three were descendants of an ancient alien race called the Beal-Seijin that escaped from a mysterious entity known as the Gaizok, and after the rise of the Mycenae Empire, their families were forced to reveal the Zambot robot to protect their new home planet.


Kappei Jin

Age: 12

Unit Piloted: Zambo Ace

The main operator of Zambot 3's primary functions, Kappei was, for lack of a better term, a stuck-up brat. He was always eager to get into dangerous, high-risk situations, be it in battle or racing against his rival Kozuki. He was also very prideful, deliberately refusing to have his machine combine with the other, nearly killing one of his teammates by pretending to punch them while in the machine, and pretty much mucking things up more than he needs to. While he's generally willing to go into battle, at times he's run into an emotional dilemma, generally stemming from civilian backlash against the destruction they caused. He was also very athletic and a skilled martial artist.

Uchuta Kamie

Age: 15

Unit Piloted: Zambull

While he was (mostly) more mature than Kappei, Uchuta was just as eager to jump into battle, to the point where early on he and Kappei would argue over who should be doing most of the fighting. On a more personal level though, he had to deal with a family that wasn't as devoted to the fight against otherworldly threats as he was, or even his teammates' families.

Keiko Kamikita

Age: 14

Unit Piloted: Zambase

The only female of the trio, Keiko came from a peaceful family of ranch hands, with her hobbies including archery and horseback riding. While not as overly aggressive as her male teammates, Keiko was, if anything, more willing to fight for her home than her other Zambot pilots at times, even at times attempting to fight despite bodily injuries. While Keiko has the strongest conviction of the team, she is also perhaps the most emotionally vulnerable.



Mycenae Attack

Final Battle

Seeing no other option, all three performed a suicide attack to puncture through his defenses. Sad to say, none of them survived, but their strategy did work, with Zambot's explosion managing to weaken their opponent severely, making an opening for the rest of the ARC crew to take him out. Their sacrifice had a profound effect on their comrades, especially Akira, who abandoned Raideen and secluded himself from the rest of the world, finding a place to settle in a far-off cottage.


Akira Hibiki

As another descendant of an ancient race (as well as another pilot), the Zambot team and Akira became close friends, with Akira becoming a mentor of sorts to them. As such, Akira was affected the most by their deaths, leading him to distance himself from the other ARC pilots until the events of the series.


In the original series, it was only Uchuta and Keiko that perform the suicide attack. In this series, Kappei shares their fate.

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