Zambot 3 is the titular robot of Invincible Steel Man Zambot 3 and is a Super Robot featured in The Knights of the Multiverse. Formed when the Zambot Team combine the Zambo Ace/Zambird, Zambull and Zambase, it was created by descendants of an ancient alien race called the Beal-Seijin, and fought alongside many other Super Robots in The Imperial Wars.



Imperial Invasion

Final Battle

Seeing no other option, the three young pilots performed a suicide attack to puncture through his defenses. Sad to say, none of them survived, but their strategy did work, with Zambot's explosion managing to weaken their opponent severely, making an opening for the rest of the ARC crew to take him out. Their sacrifice had a profound effect on their comrades, especially Akira, who abandoned Raideen and secluded himself from the rest of the world, finding a place to settle in a far-off cottage.



  • Zambird/Zambo Ace

Piloted by Kappei Jin, the Zambird is a high-speed aerial vehicle which is able to go faster than most normal fighter jets. Zambird can transform into the humanoid Zambo Ace. It primarily forms Zambot 3's head and inner torso.

Main Weapons

  • Tremble Horn: A laser that is shot out of the parabolic dish on top of Zambird.
  • 50mm Vulcans

Machine guns fired out of the front of Zambird.

  • Missiles
  • Rockets
Zambo Ace
  • Zambo Magnum
A large gun which can be outfitted with different parts to form not only a magnum but also a sniper rifle and rocket launcher.
  • Zambull

Piloted by Uchuta Kamie, the Zambull is a tank-like vehicle that has the most hitting power out of the three parts of Zambot 3. It forms Zambot 3's outer torso and arms, as evidenced by the large fists that sit on top of it.

Main Weapons

  • Giant Cannon
  • Missiles
  • Arm Punch
Zambull fires the fists sitting on top.
  • Drill Missiles
  • Zambase

Piloted by Keiko Kamikita, the Zambase functions as both an attack and support vehicle. In addition to possessing its own weapons for offense, Zambase also carries spare ammunition and Zambo Magnums for Zambo Ace, as well as remote cameras for reconnaissance. Zambase primarily forms Zambot 3's legs, and is also responsible for overseeing balance and power distribution throughout the entire robot.

Main Weapons

  • Base Laser
  • Base Fire
  • Missiles
  • Reconnaissance Mecha Regon

Remote spy cameras.

Main Robot

  • Arm Punch

Retaining the launching fists of the Zambull, Zambot 3 fires its fist in typical super robot fashion.

  • Reconnaissance Mecha Regon

Zambot 3 retains the Zambase's remote cameras.

  • Zambot Grap

A pair of Sai that can also join at the handles to transform into a double-sided lance, the Zambot Blow, as well as a sword, the Zambot Cutter. The variations are often used one after the other and to adapt to different situations.

  • Buster Missile

Missiles fired from the pods on sides of Zambot 3's legs.

  • Zambot Buster

The pods on the side of Zambot 3's legs are thrown like shuriken, and will often hit the enemy twice.

  • Zambot Moon Attack

Energy is gathered from Zambot 3's hands to the moon on is forehead. A crescent moon-shaped energy attack flies at the target, multiplies and surrounds it, then recombines and punches a crescent moon-shaped hole through the target.



  • Height: 60 m/196 ft
  • Weight: 500 tons

Zambot 3's appearance has been slightly redesigned to have lines at the end of its shoulders that allow it to move its arms a bit more freely, rather than simply being a singular block.

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