Wufei Chang is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and serves as a supporting antagonistic role in The Knights of the Multiverse. He pilots the Shenlong Gundam, and later the Altron Gundam.

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Wufei is a fierce warrior descended from a long, proud clan of Chinese warriors, and thus despises weakness in character and body, in others and in himself. He has a particularly strict sense of honor, only following his own sense of intergity. While he remains calm in many situations that would concern his fellows, he's also prone to angry emotional outbursts in response to many things, such as conflicting ideologies and (annoyingly) the gender of his opponents. He refuses to fight those he sees as weak, such as pacifists, women and children. He tends not to care what others think of him or his ideas and takes direct action even when he is uncertain.

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