Voltes V (the V being pronounced as Five) is the titular robot of Chodenji Robo Voltes V and is a mecha featured in The Knights of the Multiverse. It is the successor of Combattler V.

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Chain Knuckle Edit

Chodenji Whip Edit

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Gattling Missiles Edit

Grand Fire Edit

A flamethrower that shoots from Voltes's belt.

Volt Bazooka Edit

Voltes's right hand folds downwards and a rifle emerges that can fire powerful missiles.

Tenkuken Edit

Translated as "Heavenly Sword", it is a sword stored in Voltes's chest and can also summon lightning. Voltes will typically use this for its finishing move, where it carves a V into the target's chest with two slashes.

Notes Edit

In the original Voltes V, there is no continuity between it and Combattler.

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