Vector Prime is a character from the Transformers franchise and is a minor character in The Knights of the Multiverse. He was Artemis's creator, and was a member of the Dynasty of the Primes, being given the power to explore time and space. Unfortunately, he and his brothers & sisters were all destroyed when their universe's incarnation of Unicron attacked Cybertron and destroyed their entire universe.

Personality Edit

As Artemis's tales of him indicate, Vector Prime was often stern and serious, considering himself a force of order and balance in the universe, a mere extension of his creator Primus. This often made him distance himself from his Prime brothers and sisters. But he was still a somewhat compassionate individual, as he truly did care about Artemis in their time together, and was presumably heartbroken by Megatronus's betrayal.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Skills & Abiliites Edit

Vector's personal artifact of power was the Blades of Time, which he could use to travel through other dimensions.

Relationships Edit

Artemis Edit

Through all of Artemis's talks about him, it's clear that Vector cared greatly for her, with them having a father-daughter-type relationship, like Koji and Mohm. This was best shown by how he told her to stay in their pocket dimension, as he knew that he most likely wouldn't survive the coming onslaught (and sadly, he was right).

Notes Edit

This version of Vector Prime isn't exactly based off of a particular version of the character, though his appearance is based off of his design from the Cybertron cartoon.

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