Princess Usagi "Small Lady" Tsukino is a character from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and the main tritagonist (third protagonist) in The Knights of the Multiverse. A founding member of the Crystal Knights, she has the power of the legendary Sailor Guardians and also goes by the alias of Neo Sailor Moon.

Personality Edit

Usagi is typically cheery and outgoing. Though originally socially awkward due to all the bullying in her past, thanks to her estrange meeting with the rest of the Knights, she eventually grew out of her shell and became more outgoing, even standing up against the others when they do something she doesn't agree with. She is sometimes bratty due to her young age, but she still shows her gratitude towards the rest of her "family" when they come through her.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

The only child of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion in 30th Century in Crystal Tokyo, Usagi was constantly bullied and ridiculed by the other children for not having any magical abilities like her mother. Not able to take anymore, she tried to break into her mother's chambers and steal her Legendary Silver Crystal. Unfortunately, that was when the Black Moon Clan attacked.

Mini-Series Edit

As she ran from the destruction, she fell through a red portal and found herself lost in a forest. With only Luna P to accompany her, she ran off aimlessly until she came across a group of Black Moon Clan droids. Terrified once she saw their Black Moon symbols on their heads, she tried to flee, only to be cornered her against a cliffside, until she was saved by a girl around her age named Dani. While she was scared by Dani's ghost powers, she also realized that there most likely wasn't anyone else around to protect her in case of any more drones, she decided to tag along with her to explore the area.

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Season 3 Edit

After Tom explained why Star had left for Mewni, so her mother could protect her from Toffee, Usagi was one of the first Knights to insist that they go to assist her. And so, along with Koji, Dani, Tom, and Tetsuya, she set off for Mewni aboard Tidal Wave. Once there, Pink and Tetsuya stayed behind at Mewni Castle to get a grip on the situation there, while the rest went out to search for Star. Sure enough, after a long while of searching, the group found Star and Moon in the Mewman forest, along with the unconscious High Commission. Usagi greeted Star with a strong, tearful hug, exclaiming that she thought she'd never see her sister again.

Abilities & Equipment Edit

Moon Tiara Boomerang Edit

Usagi is able to remove her tiara from her forehead and launch it at an opponent like a boomerang.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack Edit

Double Princess Beam Edit

Combo attack w/ Star Butterfly: Usagi and Star combine their wands and fire a strong magical blast at the opponent.

Triple Crystal Attack Edit

Combo attack w/ Star Butterfly & Pink Diamond: Triple attack where Usagi & Star fire a Double Princess Attack alongside Pink's Rose Flash.

Final Dynamic Special Edit

Combo attack w/ Pink Diamond, Getter Dragon, Mazinger Z, Star Butterfly and Great Mazinger: Usagi and Star start the attack by firing a Double Princess Beam at the opponent and raise them into the air.

Relationships Edit

Neo Queen Serenity Edit

King Endymion Edit

Sailor Pluto Edit

Star Butterfly Edit

Though she occasionally gets on her nerves for some of her more outlandish activities and she'll be quick to poke fun at her for one of her mistakes or some of her more silly ideas, Star and Usagi are so close, they could be mistaken for sisters.

Koji Kabuto Edit

Usagi views Koji as an older brother, from how he comforted her when she was scared and alone after the Dead Moon destroyed her home, to how he and his brother Shiro lost their parents when they were young. She also greatly admires his courage in battle, and can only hope that she can be as fearless as him someday.

Sayaka Yumi Edit

Usagi views Sayaka as a protective older sister, with her being one of the first people she'll go to whenever she's scared or feeling depressed.

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Marin Ragan Edit

When Marin first arrived on Earth after he had crashed on the moon, Usagi was one of the first to show him sympathy, even trying to consul him when he revealed the fate of his home planet of S1, relating it to how her home was destroyed by some evil people as well.

Lapis Lazuli Edit

Pearl Edit

Rain Mikamura-Kasshu Edit

Domon Kasshu Edit

Usagi is somewhat scared of Domon, mostly for how stern and brooding he can be. It also doesn't help that he was the more vocal ones towards distrusting her when she wouldn't talk about what happened to Crystal Tokyo.

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Notes Edit

This incarnation is a mix between her characterizations/story in the original anime and Crystal.

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