Princess Usagi "Small Lady" Tsukino is a character from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and the central protagonist of The Knights of the Multiverse. A founding member of the Crystal Knights, she uses the power of the legendary Silver Crystal to aid her friends in the fight against the forces of evil, using it to transform into Neo Sailor Moon.

Personality Edit

Usagi is typically cheery and outgoing. Though originally socially awkward due to all the bullying in her past and an inferiority complex of how she'd never be as great a ruler as her mother is, thanks to her estrange meeting with the rest of the Knights, she has grew out of her shell and became more outgoing, eager to help anyone who needs it, like her friends helped her before, and hopes to someday become as a great hero as the rest of them and her mother in her youth. She's incredibly brave, and won't hesitate to face any threat to the lives of his friends, be it an entire army of robot drones or protecting Atros from one of her comrades' attacks. She has also studied and trained intensely under the mentorship of the team's veterans, especially Koji and Honey, and does not take her new duties as a defender of the Multiverse lightly.

However, she is very keen to prove herself, which often results in her rushing in to the front of fights (it doesn't always work out). She is sometimes bratty (but, what young, spoiled princess isn't?), but she still shows her gratitude towards the rest of her "family" when they come through her.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

The only child of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion in 30th Century in Crystal Tokyo, Usagi was constantly bullied and ridiculed by the other children for not having any magical abilities like her mother. Not able to take anymore, she tried to break into her mother's chambers and steal her Legendary Silver Crystal. Unfortunately, that was when the Black Moon Clan attacked.

Mini-Series Edit

As she ran from the destruction, she fell through a red portal and found herself lost in a forest. With only Luna P to accompany her, she ran off aimlessly until she came across a group of Black Moon Clan Droids. Terrified once she saw their Black Moon symbols on their heads, she tried to flee, only to be cornered her against a cliffside, until she was saved by a teenage girl, who introduced herself as Starlight. While she was intimidated by 's brutal fighting skills, she also realized that there most likely wasn't anyone else around to protect her in case of any more drones, she decided to tag along with her to explore their surroundings. The two soon ran into a small group of Dark Army Drones, which were about to squash the two of them.

Season 1 Edit

First Solo Mission Edit

The Knights got wind that L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. was constructing a new base of operations. Not sure how far into completion, the group nominated that one of them should sneak in and scope out the place. Usagi volunteered to go in herself, reasoning that since she was the smallest member of the group, she had less of a chance to be noticed (plus, it was about time she got her chance to shine). Everyone agreed, but only under the condition that Koji and Mazinger standby as backup in case something went wrong. Upon reaching their destination, Usagi parachuted out of Mazinger's cockpit, and proceeded to crash in a tree and got tangled in a mess of vines (off to a good start). There, she met a young girl named Nyoka who had been tooling around said woods. She helped pull her out of the vines with some surprising strength for a girl that looked to be around her age. Figuring then that since she lived around the area, she might know where the base was, Usagi asked that she show her immediately.

They soon reached the base, while taking a jab at its ridiculous color scheme, and to an even bigger surprise, Nyoka knew a secret route that could them into the base. After making their way through an underground tunnel, she just came out and asked Nyoka how she knew all of this stuff, and what exactly she even was. With no other choice, Nyoka revealed that she was actually an android that lived at the base. She was very lonely, with all of the adults focused on building the base and none of the robots had as advanced A.I. as she had, so helping Usagi get in just seemed like the right thing to do. Remembering how lonely she was before she met the others. Usagi agreed to let her tag along on her mission. The two then quickly made their way inside, narrowly avoiding Cyclopian guards and falling ceilings. When they reach a nearby elevator, it shoots the two upward at great speed, before stopping and dumping them in a circular room with a single door and a monitor above it. On the monitor appears the fortress' commanding officer Dr. Kay, who also happened to be Nyoka's mother.Infiltration!

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Abilities & Equipment Edit

In her human form, Usagi doesn't have any special abilities. Most of her powers come from her Sailor Guardian form.

Sailor Guardian Form Powers Edit

  • Enhanced Strength

Though this doesn't make her as strong as other members like Pink, Usagi is at least strong enough to catch and toss aside Megatron's foot when he tries to step on her.

  • Enhanced Jumping

Usagi is able to jump great heights, amounting to about 12 meters into the air.

  • Moon Tiara Boomerang

Usagi is able to remove her tiara from her forehead and launch it at an opponent like a boomerang.

  • Red Hair Pieces

Usagi has a pair of red hair pieces attached to her hair buns. They create supersonic waves whenever she panics and starts crying, causing the pieces to amplify her wailing until it becomes physically painful for enemies. This attack is often used as a last resort when Usagi has no other way to protect herself. They can also be used to hear things from a great distance.

Moon Rod Edit

Given to her by her mother to aid in her efforts of fighting the forces of evil, its . It can also be used to block bladed weapons. This gives her access to several final attacks:

  • Moon Princess Halation:
Her mother's signature move, it generates several powerful moonlight-based blasts which are projected to different directions.
  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Usagi's first original spell for the wand, it is an unusually strong heart-based attack. While it only caused slight damage to a single wall, after lots of practice, it fires a surprisingly strong heart-shaped beam attack, with it firing hundreds of energy pellets shaped like hearts.

Combo Attacks Edit

  • Final Dynamic Special
    • Combo attack w/ Lapis Lazuli, Tom Lucitor, Getter Dragon, Govarian & Mazinger Z: After Lapis and Tom hold the target in a Fire Whirlpool, while Mazinger & Govarian blast them with a Double Burning Fire, Usagi fires a Moon Princess Halation, while Getter Dragon strikes them with a Shine Spark at about the same time.

Relationships Edit

Neo Queen Serenity Edit

King Endymion Edit

Sailor Pluto Edit

Kamille Bidan Edit

Kamille is one of Usagi's closest friends on the team, with Usagi viewing him as an older brother. He was the first person she opened up to about her past, and after that trust, she'll often turn to him when she's scared and confused about something. His dedication to protecting her during their first battles against the Heralds of Unicron was one of Usagi's biggest inspirations to become a hero, and made a promise to protect him from harm, just as had for her.

Mohm Edit

Mohm is Usagi's closest friend on the team, with her often acting as her emotional support for when she's trying to test out a new spell or when she just needs someone to talk to. The two (along with Ruri) will often get into their own side missions while the other Knights are doing more "serious" tasks.

Ruri Saotome Edit

Ruri is Usagi's second closest friend on the team.

Atros Edit

Usagi and Atros were fierce rivals for a majority of the first season.

Lorelai Heinrich Edit

As two of the youngest members of the team, Usagi and Lorelai are close friends.

Koji Kabuto Edit

Though not to as much of an extent as Kamille, Usagi views Koji as an cool older brother. She also greatly admires his courage in battle, and can only hope that she can be as fearless as him someday.

Honey Kisaragi Edit

Usagi views Honey as a protective older sister, with her being the first person she'll go to whenever she's feeling scared or depressed over a personal issue.

Sunset Shimmer & Starlight Glimmer Edit

Catra Edit

Starlight and Catra are two of Usagi's closest friends on the team, with the two acting as her sort of angel and devil on her shoulders. While Starlight tries to steer her in the right direction on most issues, Catra often tempts her into more dangerous and insane antics - which, of course, she chooses more often than Starlight's ideas because "they seem more fun".

Artemis Edit

Starscream Edit

Noriko Takaya Edit

Noriko is one of Usagi's other closest friends. Though she occasionally gets on her nerves for some of her more outlandish activities and she'll be quick to poke fun at her for one of her mistakes or some of her more silly ideas, Noriko and Usagi are so close, they could be mistaken for sisters.

Candace Flynn Edit

Kazumi Amano Edit

Melody Locus Edit

Dani Phantom Edit

Marin Ragan Edit

When Marin first arrived on Earth after he had crashed on the moon, Usagi was one of the first to show him sympathy, even trying to consul him when he revealed the fate of his home planet of S1, relating it to how her home was destroyed by some evil people as well.

Fordo Edit

Usagi is somewhat scared of Fordo, mostly for how stern and brooding he can be.

Ryoma Nagare Edit

Hayato Jin Edit

Michiru Saotome Edit

Notes Edit

This incarnation is a mix between her characterizations/story in the original anime and Crystal.

Usagi's arc in the series is somewhat similar to that of Takua/Takanuva of Lego's Bionicle, as both youngsters act as audience surrogates and possess great, hidden powers that help their comrades beat impossible odds,

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