'The following page is a footnote, created to explain the science/supernatural phenomena/other details seen in the series, The Knights of the Multiverse.'

This page contains details on the different types of Artificial Intelligence used for Robots and other types of technology that appear throughout The Knights of the Multiverse.

Earth Prime Androids & Super Robots

On Earth Prime, artificial intelligence has advanced to the point of perfectly replicating human emotions, with them able to develop their own thoughts, feelings, and independent personalities, and even produce tears & consume human food (though it's more of a luxury than a necessity like for humans. Their systems just convert the food's matter into more energy), making it really hard to tell the difference between the two species. Some Super Robots are also able to replicate this type of A.I., though there do exist ones that behave like simple drones, such as the programs used by the Mass-Produced Great Mazingers.

Mobile Dolls

Developed by Axis Zeon's Glemy Toto, the Mobile Doll System uses a powerful computer system equipped in a mobile suit that allows it to act on its own without a human pilot. Through this method not only would it help prevent the lost of more pilots, but it also would prevent them from using poorly skilled pilots in battle. The Mobile Dolls were deadly in battle, thanks to their faster reaction times than human pilots. However, one of the Mobile Dolls chief opposers was Axis's leader herself, Haman Karn, who felt that the system would make humans unnecessary for battle, and therefore render battles useless.

Mobile Dolls required an operating system to be installed on the MS, and some sort of command software outside the MS that would feed orders to it. They could be controlled directly or left to their onboard AI.

Other Kinds

The "Hyper Drive"

The Hyper Drive System is a specialized subsystem developed by the evil organization L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. that pushes an android's abilities to the max, increasing their strength, speed and endurance ten-fold, indicated by the user's eyes glowing either Crimson Red or a bright yellow. The androids using the system can also channel a large amount of her power into one of her fists or feet, indicated by them glowing a light blue, to deliver powerful blows. The only known androids to possess this system are Lulli, the original test unit (that had the system installed), and Lime.


The Mobile Doll's concept and plotline is based entirely off of the ones that appear in Gundam Wing.

The Hyper Drive takes inspiration from support systems like the EXAM System from Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny or the Double Gear System from Mega Man 11, other A.I. support systems that pushed the machine to their limits. This is also used for robot characters that have .

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