Twilight Sparkle is a character from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and is a minor character in The Knights of the Multiverse.

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Twilight is well-spoken and highly intelligent. She holds a great interest in knowledge and science, being able to assemble intricate scientific devices and solve complex equations with ease. She's also able to apply her intellect in investigative matters in a way that makes even the smartest members of the Knights jealous. Outside of a lab though, Twilight is a bit of a wallflower, acting very awkward and timid around others. This most likely sprouted from how she was often mistreated back in Crystal Prep. Combined with how she still has a deep-seated fear of her evil Midnight Sparkle alter ego sprouting up again, her confidence could be better, to say the least.. It also doesn't help that sometimes she can get a little too carried away with her experiments. Despite this, she is eager to connect with people, even on a personal level.

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