Thundercracker is a character from Transformers Animated and is a minor character in The Knights of the Multiverse. One of several clones from his universe's Starscream, he and his "twin" Skywarp were flown into a wormhole stuck with another Transformer and joined The Knights to prove his superiority to all known beings in the multiverse.

He was one of the team's first casualties.

Personality Edit

Thundercracker takes on his universe's Starscream's egomaniacal side, always thinking that he's the greatest robot ever forged and all other lifeforms are inferior. He always rushes into fights, talking himself up all the way. Heck, even when someone else beats his opponent, he'll gloat about how he softened it up for them.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Thundercracker joined the reinforcement team to aid some of the Knights when they encountered the Dabude battle platforms to rescue Usagi. They managed to take down Godam, but when Balatack was sent out, its drill pierced right through T.C.'s chest. Just as he was going on about how the man-made machination was unworthy to harm him, Balatack fires its head Fusion Cannon, blowing his head clean off. His Spark-less body then slid off of Balatack's drill, plummeting to the ground below.

Skills & Equipment Edit

  • Transformation

Thundercracker is able to transform into a futuristc jet fighter.

  • Null Rays

Thundercracker has two null rays attached to his forearms.

Relationships Edit

Skywarp Edit

His Other "Teammates" Edit

Being the egotistical idiot that he is, Thundercracker views all of his Crystal Knight colleagues as weaker than him, even the ones that by all rights have much stronger and generally more impressive abilities.

Notes Edit

Thundercracker and Skywarp's inclusion in the series is simply to act as the guys who die first, to show the stakes for the series's future (for the robot characters, at least).

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