The Knights of the Multiverse, or as they'd prefer it, just "The Knights", are the titular main characters of, well, the Knights of the Multiverse. Mentored by the remaining members of the Allied Robot Corps and under the co-leadership of Kamille Bidan and Sunset Shimmer, the Knights met through pure, insane coincidences and joined forces to stop the threat of the Heralds of Unicron. Now, they have only two missions: explore the now brought-together Multiverse and deal with the threats that might rise up from its depths, and to take in any lost souls from any world to give them a new home and help them find a new purpose.

They sometimes operate out of the New Photon/Saotome Labs, but they usually spend most of their time enjoying each other's company (usually) in the Knightly Inn.

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  • Fa Yuiry (Nurse/Mechanic)
  • Ana & Yuna (housemaids)
  • Mohm & MU Androids (Nurses/Mechanics)
  • Nyoka (Repair work)
  • Ruri Saotome (Communications/Tech Support)
  • Honey Jr. (general assistance)

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As the team continued their operations, their ranks expanded greatly, with numerous new heroes either through them falling through random portals or joining after the team would visit their worlds. Most of these new teammates consisted of super-powered and the surviving members of the legendary Allied Robot Corps.

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The team could be considered a modern take on the Breakfast Club, The Outsiders or the Goonies; a bunch of mismatched freaks, weirdos, jerks, misfits and screw-ups filled with their own personal issues (even some of the more experienced ones) coming together under strange circumstances that were originally hesitant towards one another, but over time form a strong, blood-like bond, with each member being dedicated and loyal to each other to the very end. This is best exemplified by the team's roster, which consists of characters who were anti-heroes or were straight-up villains that might've had some glimpses of redemption in them like Pacifica and Darrell, side characters like Ruri and Mohm, and characters who only appear for at least a couple of episodes (or were a one-off appearance) in their respective series like Nyoka, Melody & Dani. The only real main character's represented come from the Super Robot/Real Robot shows (though to be fair, those characters are obscure enough to most audiences).

The first members of the team introduced in the series (the ones introduced in the Mini-Series) are all side/major supporting characters from their home shows, while a majority of the characters who only had one or two appearances in their original source material are introduced in the first season.

While a good number of the team is made up of robots of varying sizes, and are always willing to take on any that wish to find a new place in life, they will not hesitate to fight or even kill a robot if they have hostile intentions, even if they resemble children.

To help tie the cast together a little better, some of the teams' inner-friends circles are based around ones from their home series, like Usagi's being based off of the Sailor Guardians, or Sunset's being based around the Elements of Harmony.

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