The Five Shooting Stars is the fifth episode of Season Two of The Knights of the Multiverse.

Synopsis Edit

Five mysterious objects appear on Earth, with at least one of them being confirmed as a Gundam. Alongside a strange new student attending Canterlot High, the questions just keep racking up of whether or not there's the possiblility of a new threat.

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Plot Edit

The episode begins with Ruri and Mohm telling Sayaka and Ryoma that they've detected five portals, all opening in different areas in the Earth's atmosphere. Ryo tells Ruri to inform Noriko and Starscream's group, who, along with Dani and Mel, are testing Buster Machine 1's atmospheric abilities. Good thing too, since Dani was getting bored. The pilot of the aircraft that came from the portal, one Heero Yuy, is making preparations to enter the atmosphere before picking up Buster Machine 1 on his scanner. Heero's ship sheds its outer shell, revealing a jet fighter , as it narrowly avoids BM-1's machine gun fire, as Starscream jumps off its hull and manages to plug a small hole into its side. Unable to catch up to the two, Noriko has Lapis and Dani exit to help Screamer bring the fighter in. But as it continues to descend towards the ocean, the fighter suddenly transforms... into a Gundam! Lapis and Dani zoom down to soften it up, but the Gundam raises its giant laser rifle, unleashing a large, yellow beam. The two barely manage to veer out of the way, but as it approaches Starscream, he quickly activates his Null Ray Cannons and fires back. The two lasers clash, causing a huge explosion. Seeing that the Gundam had been knocked off balance by the clash, Starscream takes the opportunity and charges forward, pulling out his Saber.

Notes Edit

This episode takes numerous cues from the first episode of the original Gundam Wing, though it combines the second episode for the second half. Several of the alterations to both of the episodes include:

  • The removal of all four sequences that introduce Duo, Quatre, Trowa and Wufei
  • Noriko, Starscream, Dani and Lapis take the place of Zechs and his small crew on the recon ship (also, unlike the other two mobile suits that backed up Zechs, Dani & Lapis aren't killed by Heero's Buster Rifle).
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