Sunset Shimmer is a character from My Little Pony Equestria Girls and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. A founding member of The Knights, she acts as more of a straight man to some of the more insane happenings that the group encounter. She also acts as the "babysitter", as she calls it, for the team's younger members, alongside fellow teammate Kamille Bidan.

Personality Edit

Sunset is typically serious, selfless, and has a no-nonsense attitude, but is also shown to have some anger issues at times, especially when stressed out. She's also a fast thinker, coming up with alternatives whenever plan A backfires. She also displays a forgiving and compassionate side with her being the first one to forgive Usagi when she breaks free of Unicron's control.

In a way, she acts as the team's conscience, often being the one to break up arguments and getting the group back on task. This is helped by the fact that she has good relations with almost everyone on the team, especially Pink and the younger team members. However, she does sometimes get overwhelm with taking responsibility of so many people, often freezing up, causing the others to try and resolve the problem themselves, even leading them to split up.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Mini-Series Edit

On a seemingly normal day, Sunset fell through a mysterious red portal and landed in a forest. She decided to explore her surroundings while thinking of what kind could have caused it to open, believing that it most likely had something to do with Equestrian magic. However, her thoughts were soon interrupted when she encountered a group of strange black and white humanoids. She tried to make a break for it, only to be cornered by several more. Just then, she was saved by a blue woman that used water powers.

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Abilities & Equipment Edit

  • Magic

Due to the fluctuations caused by the Black Moon Clan and Unicron's meddling, Sunset regained access to her unicron magic. WIth it, she's able to teleport short distances, fire bolts of magic from her hands, and create either small platforms that others are able to hop onto or full bubbles and float downwards (Green Lantern style).

  • Intelligence & Science

Sunset has a considerable level of intelligence, being ahead of her friends and classmates in school and smart enough to develop various computer applications, as well as an affinity for science.

  • Pendant

Daybreak Shimmer Edit

By combining all of The Humane Five's magic, Sunset uses her pendant activates this form and gains small portions of all of their abilities, along with some unique magic-based powers. In this form, she has a plethora of powers:

  • Wings

Sunset gains a pair of magical wings that allow her to fly great distances. She can also fire a barrage of magical beams of light directly from the wings.

  • Super Strength

Taking a portion of Applejack's magic, Sunset gains enhanced strength, enough to at least stop an oncoming mecha such as Dai-Apolon dead in its tracks.

  • Super Speed

Taking a portion of Rainbow Dash's magic, Sunset can fly at great speeds.

  • Magical Beams

Sunset can charge a ball of energy in each of her hands. This energy is powerful enough to seal dimensional rifts

  • Super-Charged Magic Blast

Sunset charges up a ball of magical energy and fires it at her opponent Kamehameha-style.

  • Final Dynamic Special

Combo attack w/ Pink, Getter Dragon, Usagi, Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger: Sunset and Usagi double-head the attack with a dual blast that paralyzes their opponent, leaving it hanging as Z and Great fire their Double Burning Fire.

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Starlight Glimmer Edit

The Dazzlings Edit

Kamille Bidan Edit

Sunset and Kamille often take the role of "babysitters" (as they put it) for the younger members of the team, and as such, the two get along very well, establishing a solid brother/sister-type dynamic. In battle, the two will often bounce strategies off of each other and the others to see what sticks, with Sunset leading the team on the ground, while Kamille provides support from his Gundams. In the dorms, the two often find themselves double-heading tasks like making sure everything is running right & nobody breaks anything, breaking up childish bickering, or simply trying to calm everyone down and get them into bed (it's a lot harder than it sounds).

Catra & Amity Blight Edit

Sunset often finds herself having to break up Catra and Amity's fights (well, at least when Kamille isn't feeling up for it).

Usagi Tsukino Edit

Sunset and Usagi are close friends, with Sunset taking the role of a cool, older sister. After saving Usagi from the Black Moon Drones, Usagi took an immediate liking to her for handling the Droids as well as she did. Later on, when some of the others started to get more aggressive towards Usagi when she wouldn't tell them about Crystal Tokyo, Sunset was one of the more supportive allies towards her plight. This was only elevated when the group arrived in Crystal Tokyo, and discovering how lonely and looked down upon she was, Sunset made it her responsibility, along with Koji & Sayaka, to protect Usagi no matter what.

Lulli & Ruri Edit

Candace Flynn Edit

Sunset and Candace have a very heated rivalry, with Candace often trying to take command of group tasks because she thinks she has a better plan. Thankfully, Sunset will usually be able to put her back down to size and will often call out her bigotry when she does something stupid which Candace will sometimes throw the blame onto one of their other teammates.

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Emily Edit

Rosica Edit

When Rosica fell into her small fit of depression after she and the others took her in, Sunset could fully sympathize, and even felt a bit guilty about it. Of course she felt sorry for her having to watch her father get cut down right in front of her, and Bernard still mistreated her for his own petty reasons, but still, she couldn't help but think about how unlike the androids they had saved from L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N., she wasn't built for some twisted scheme. The only weapon she had on her was a dagger, and that was just so she could defend herself. All her creator wanted was to have his little girl back. So all she could do was help Emily get the young android out of her rut.

Starscream Edit

In their short time together, Sunset acted as a supportive younger sister-type towards Starscream, giving him support when he shows doubt about his place on the team. Starscream also repays this by also supporting her whenever she has her doubts.

Heralds of Unicron Edit

L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. Edit

Like her teammates, Sunset detests L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. for the lengths they'll go to get what they want, crushing anyone who stands in their way of world conquest, and just generally being jerks. But what disgusted her the most about them was how they treated their androids. Most of them were modeled to look like children, some even acting like kids, and almost all of them were created for a dark, twisted purpose, from Emily being nothing more than a distraction to Cosmo looking like a child-like angel simply to create fear and confusion. Thankfully she and the team managed to save them from their dark origins, but creating children to fight their battles is a truly unforgivable act..

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