The VF-1S Strike Nausicaa Valkyrie is a robot from the film The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? and is a mech featured in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 2. It is a variant of the Valkyrie Fighter piloted by Noriko Takaya and was upgraded from her VF-1J Nausicaa.

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The Strike Nausicaa was the main representation for both Noriko and Kazumi in the shorts (outside of the Gunbuster, obviously). And thus, it appeared in many of the shorts.

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Armaments Edit

  • Laser Cannons

The Strike Nausicaa has a pair of photon laser cannon turrets (two guns on each side) attached to the side of its head, inspired by the Vulcan guns mounted to the Zeta Gundam's head.

  • Gun Pod

The Strike Nausicaa is armed with a gattling gun pod that's able to fire 1200 rounds per minute,

  • Missiles

The Strike Nausicaa is able to be armed with 2 large missiles on the outer part of each wing

  • Micro-Missile Pods

The Strike Nausicaa is able to arm itself with four micro-missile pods onto its wings, each carrying 15 micro-missiles.

  • Drill Punch

A super move, the Strike Nausicaa is able to spin its hand unit very fast, dealing a considerable amount of damage. But, unlike the original Nausicaa, the fists can be powered up from the unit's Photon core, and manage to stay intact.

  • Inazuma Kick
  • Strike Pack System

Inspired by Starscream's Null Ray Cannons, this upgraded VF-1S has a Strike Pack System attached to its back. Along with a variety of boosters (two on its leg units and two more on the backpack), it contains a micro-missile launcher pod and a high-powered double-action Photon beam cannon.

  • Double Inazuma Clash

Combo attack w/ Black Getter: The Strike Nausicaa and Black Getter charge towards their opponent at full speed with their Drill Punch & Iron Knuckles punching (literally) through their opponent at the same time.

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