Star Butterfly is a character from Star Vs the Forces of Evil and is the main tritagonist in The Knights of the Multiverse. A founding member of the Crystal Knights and appointed the Knight of Joy, she is the latest in the Mewman Royal Family line and wielder of the royal magic wand.

Personality Edit

Star is extremely energetic and very friendly. She loves having fun and has an optimistic outlook on life. She loves to help people in need and loves to put a smile of everyone's face. That said, she's incredibly uncomfortable with the pressure of being queen someday, which constantly weighs down on her mind. That, and she also has a hard time with being bored, which isn't helped by how grueling some of her magic lessons can be.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Born as the sixteenth princess in the Butterfly Dynasty of Mewni, Star spent most of her time fighting monsters and taming wild unicorns, rather than spend much of her time studying to become a Queen.

Mini-Series Edit

On her 14th birthday (the official birthdate for her to receive her family's royal magic wand), she came storming into the grand hall riding on a unicorn. She excitedly grabbed the wand, with it transforming to match her personality, as she told her mother that she could handle it. She was immediately proven wrong by casting a burning rainbow over Mewni Castle. While trying to sneak away until the rainbow spell died down, she slipped into a red portal and found herself stranded in some kind of forest.

Season 1 Edit

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Abilities & Equipment Edit

Royal Magic Wand Edit

As the latest in the Butterfly family line, Star wields her family's royal wand, which allows her to cast multiple kinds of spells, from energy blasts, to physical objects, even incantation spells.

Double Princess Beam Edit

Combo attack w/ Usagi Tsukino: Star and Usagi combine their wands to create a powerful blast.

Triple Crystal Attack Edit

Combo attack w/ Usagi Tsukino & Pink Diamond: Triple attack where Star and Usagi fire their Double Princess Beam alongside Pink's Rose Flash.

Final Dynamic Special Edit

Combo attack w/ Pink Diamond, Getter Dragon, Usagi Tsukino, Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger: Star and Usagi start the attack with a Double Princess Beam and raises the opponent into the air.

Relationships Edit

Usagi Tsukino Edit

Though often getting on each other's nerves (mostly Usagi calling her out on some of her dumber ideas), the two are none the less extremely close friends, almost like sisters. Star relates especially towards the pressure Usagi feels for becoming queen of their homes.

Koji Kabuto Edit

Star took an immediate liking to Koji by how cool he was when he saved her in Mazinger Z. As the team continued to come together, much like Usagi, Star came to view Koji as a cool, older brother, showing Star all the cool places around Earth or letting her do more "questionable" activities.

Tetsuya Tsurugi Edit

If Koji is similar to a cool older brother who likes to cause trouble, Tetsuya is the more mature older brother that tries to keep everyone under wraps and ruin all the fun (at least from Star's point of view). Tetsuya will usually be the one to pressure Star into studying her spell book and will often scold her whenever she messes up. Though she gets upset with him "killing her buzz", she does come to realize quickly that he's only doing to look out for her. She also knows full well the kinds of risks he's willing to take to keep her safe, as she's seen with how many explosions and swords he's taken over their time together.

Pearl Edit

Pink Diamond Edit

Demolisher Edit

Starscream Edit

Melody Locus Edit

Candace Flynn Edit

Sunset Shimmer Edit

Like Usagi, Star views Sunset as a cool older sister, showing her how to handle confusing Earth customs or just sitting down and hearing out some of the insecurities that she could be dealing with.

The Humane Five Edit

After Star transferred to Earth and enrolled into Canterlot High, she quickly made friends with Sunset and Twilight's friends (mostly thanks to how often they handled magical situations in their world).

Duo Maxwell Edit

Like most of the other Knights, Star took an immediate liking to Duo for being the only one of the Gundam pilots to accept their help, and with how genuinely friendly he was. Plus, he has that cool "mysterious" factor to him.

Tom Lucitor Edit

Star and Tom originally hooked up when she was going through her "edgy" faze (mostly just her being more rebellious than normal), but the two broke up after some of Tom's pranks went too far, which even broke her out of her rebellious faze.

In Tom's first appearance due to a miscall to he mother, and Jun asks who that was, Star simply says "a mistake", still showing that she still hadn't forgiven him.

When Tom showed up after a couple of years to invite her to the Blood Moon Ball, she was naturally hesitant to take up his offer at first, but when she saw that he was making an effort to be more considerate towards her, she gave him a chance and accepted his invitation. Plus, free admission to a party in the underworld, so that's a plus! When she saw how much Tom had tried to tone down the underworld's, well, underworld-ness for her, and his efforts to keep himself calm when nothing was going the way he planned, she decided to give him a second chance, and would be alright if they started hanging out again, at least as friends.

Moon Butterfly Edit

Moon generally isn't amused by most of Star's antics, mostly from how unqueen-like she usually acts. This puts a lot of pressure on Star everyday, and will often act rebellious towards her. This behavior grew even more after she joined the Crystal Knights, even yelling at Moon when she thought she was trying to force her to return to Mewni when Toffee returned. Nonetheless, she deeply loves her mother and will often go to her for magical advice, and is always willing to protect her from any threat.

Ludo Edit

Star and Ludo are bitter enemies. Well, at least from Ludo's perspective. In reality, like the rest of the team, Star sees Ludo as more of a nuisance then anything, with his minions serving as little more than sparring practice.

Toffee Edit

When first made aware of his presence, Star had never heard of Toffee and as such, didn't know what to make of him, aside from the general irritation of a new villain, and getting angered by him kidnapping Usagi to get her to destroy her wand.

Notes Edit

For the most part, out of the four main leads (Pink, Usagi, Star & Starscream), Star takes a role more closer to that of the comedic relief, making stupid jokes & weird tricks with her magic and leaving the more dramatic plot points/character moments to the other three leads. However, with Tom joining the team and her losing the spell book in Season 2, her character-focused stories begins to have more dramatic stakes.

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