Skywarp is a character from Transformers Animated and is a reoccurring character in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. One of several clones from his universe's Starscream, he and his "twin" Thundercracker were flown into a wormhole stuck with another Transformer and since he had nowhere he dared to go, he joined the Crystal Knights in their quest to aid those across the Multiverse.

It usually doesn't turn out in his favor.

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Skywarp embodies his universe's Starscream's cowardly side, not wanting to . He usually tries to get out of his jobs by coming up with excuses, like how he bruises easily or he has an appointment of... some kind. He does sometimes try to pluck up courage... but these bursts don't last that long. It's just really hard to get past programming he's had literally drilled into his head since day one.

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Armaments Edit

  • Transformation

Skywarp is able to transform into a jet fighter.

  • Null Rays

Skywarp has two null rays attached to his forearms.

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