The Sideways Twins are a pair of antagonistic characters from The Knights of the Multiverse Mini-Series. Originally one being that served as an extension of Unicron himself used around the end of the Cybertronian Wars, he now exists as two warriors that serve under Megatron in their master's quest to destroy the known multiverse.

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History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Mini-Series Edit

When selecting his new heralds, Unicron decided to revive his former puppet to serve his new one, giving him new abilities and separating him into to beings with the heads of both his Autobot and Decepticon disguises.

Abilities Edit

As a pair of clones, the Sideways twins have the same abilities.

Transformation Edit

Both Sideways twins transform into motorcycles with their heads transforming into mini-con drivers with the ability to disguise themselves in a holographic projection of a human motorcycle driver.

Lasers Edit

Both Sideways twins can fire lasers from the blasters on their forearms.

Swords Edit

Both Sideways twins can convert their blasters into swords.

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