Shiro Kabuto is a character from Mazinger Z (series) and is a major character seen throughout The Knights of the Multiverse. The younger brother of Koji Kabuto, he pilots the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam.

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Just like his brother, Shiro is hardheaded, hot-tempered, and enthusiastic. Thankfully though, with his training in the EDC Mech Corps, Shiro has matured a great deal, and has even become a... relatively well-respected captain in the EDC Corps, able to improvise unconventional tactics on the fly that have actually won him many unfavorable scenarios. He does still keep some of his more mischievous tendencies from when he was a kid, like how excitable he gets when seeing a cool new mech and how often he'll tease Koji over his relationship with Sayaka.

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While most of the other Mazinger characters' character models are based off of those used in the Mazinkaiser OVA, Shiro's is based off of his appearance in Mazinger Z: Infinity.

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