Shinn Asuka is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny and is a prominent character in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 2. Originality from the Orb Union, he and his close comrades Lunamaria Hawke and Rey Za Burrel joined the Crystal Knights in their battles against the Earth Alliance, OZ and Axis Zeon. He's the pilot of the Impulse Gundam and occasionally a M1 Astray.

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In his youth, Shinn was a cheerful, energetic boy, who spent much of his time playing with his younger sister. However, after witnessing his family's death first-hand, he has become jaded and more withdrawn. He's often impulsive, hot-headed and somewhat arrogant, which often puts him at odds with his superiors. He is also short-tempered, and harbors an intense hatred for the Alliance (and the Freedom Gundam to some extent), whom he blames for the death of his parents and sister (which, yeah, they kind of were responsible for).

At the same time, Shinn is a kind and gentle young man, though this aspect of his personality is very seldom seen. Having suffered himself, he chooses to fight in order to prevent others from suffering as he has. He is therefore highly protective of his friends, especially Lunamaria and Rey, whom he has known since joined the ORB military upon his return to the island.

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Shinn Asuka was born in Orb, and much of his life was spent in peace in that country. He attended school, where he did reasonably well, though even in those days he had a stubborn streak that sometimes landed him into trouble. His greatest joy was spending time with his younger sister Mayu, three years his junior. Like his parents, Shinn believed in the ideals of Orb, and was largely unconcerned by the goings-on outside the borders of their little nation, trusting in their leader, Uzumi Nara Athha, to keep them safe.

Then on June 15th, C.E. 71, everything changed when the Atlantic Federation attacked. Onogoro was abandoned and an evacuation ordered. Led by their parents, Shinn and Mayu fled, heading down towards the coast, where Orb ships were waiting to take on evacuating civilians. As they were running, Mayu's cellphone fell from her purse, and Shinn leapt down the bank to retrieve it. As he did so, a stray shot from the Freedom struck the hillside above. Shinn was thrown off his feet and tumbled down the cliff, just a few feet away from an evacuee ship. Sadly though, Mayu and their parents were killed instantly. Still in shock and in tears, he was quickly hurried onto the ship. He had nothing left except his sister's phone and the photographs it contained.

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Mayu was the closest person in Shinn's life in his time at ORB, practically being his best friend. As one could imagine,her death during the evacuation absolutely broke him, leaving him a broken husk for a long time. Her death is also what motivated him to become a mobile suit pilot, so he could protect others when he couldn't protect her. He still carries her cell phone on him, just so he knows a part of her is always with her.

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