Shin Getter Robo is from the Getter Robo series and is a Super Robot featured in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 3. It's the second Getter Robo robot used by The Knights in the series, and the final Getter created by Dr. Saotome, and has the forms of Shin Getter 1, Shin Getter 2, and Shin Getter 3.



Season 3



Shin Getter 1

Pilot: Ruri Saotome

Height: 55 meters/180 feet


  • Battle Wing

Instead of a cape like most Getter Robo units, Shin Getter One ejects a pair of bat-like wings from its back for flight. They can also fold inwards around its arms to accelerate upwards even faster.

  • Getter Razor

The razors on the sides of Shin Getter One's forearms that can slice through almost anything with ease. They can even extend outward to deliver more damage.

  • Getter Tomahawk

Unlike other Getter Tomahawks, Shin Getter One's takes the form of a large lance that has to be held by both hands.

  • Tomahawk Boomerang
  • Getter Beam

Shin Getter One fires a large, pink beam from a hole that opens in its stomach (similarly to the original Getter One).

  • Super Inazuma (Lightning) Kick

Shin Getter One performs an extremely powerful, electrically charged dropkick.

  • Shin Shine Spark

Upgraded version of the Shine Spark: Shin Getter is engulfed in a golden light, then charges forward at their opponent.

  • Stoner Sunshine

All of Shin Getter's power concentrates in Getter One's hands, forming a large ball of pure Getter energy. When it's launched, the ball eclipses its target completely and disintegrates them entirely.

 Combo Attacks

Combo attacks w/ Shin Getter Dragon

  • Double Getter Beam
  • Double Shine Spark
  • Stoner Sunshine Spark

Shin Getter One tosses a Stoner Sunshine at Shin Dragon and the enhanced Super Robot uses it to strike their opponent instead of the Shin Shine Spark.

Shin Getter 2

Pilot: Kazumi Amano

Height: 55 meters/180 feet


  • Scissor Arm

Shin Getter-2's left hand is a sharp pincer.

  • Drill Arm

Shin Getter-2 uses its powerful thrusters to fly at the enemy at top speed before ramming its rapidly-spinning drill arm into them, causing massive damage.

  • Drill Shaker

Shin Getter-2 thrusts its drill into the ground, triggering shockwaves. This attack only damages enemies on or under the ground.

  • Drill Missile

Like the original Getter Two, Shin Getter Two can fire its drill like a projectile from its arm directly at its opponent, drilling its way through an enemy before flying back to the Getter or exploding in other instances.

  • Plasma Drill Hurricane

Shin Getter Two generates a strong whirlwind from its drill that can either simply paralyze its opponent or tear them to pieces.

  • Mirage Drill

Multi-colored beams are shot from Shin Getter-2's drill, converging on the enemy.

  • Shin Getter Vision

Shin Getter-2 moves at high speed, creating illusionary copies of itself to fool the enemy.

Shin Getter 3

Pilot: Noriko Takaya

Height: 45 meters/148 feet


  • Getter Crash

Full body tackle.

  • Getter Punch

Shin Getter Three can fire one of its extendable arms at its opponent, either wrap the arm around them or punch right through them, charge forward, then punch them with its free arm.

  • Daisetsuzan Oroshi

Like the original Getter Three, Shin Getter Three launches both of its extendable arms towards its opponent, wrap them up, then release them into the air. In Shin Three's case though, its arms can spin so fast that it creates a tornado.

  • Getter Missile

Shin Getter Three can launch four missiles from the ports on the shoulders.

  • Missile Storm

Dozens of missiles emerge from Getter Three's treads and are fired into the air, capable of obliterating dozens of airborne enemies in seconds.


Shin Getter Robo basically takes the place of the Gunbuster mech in Noriko and Kazumi's story, though this is somewhat supported by how many of Gunbuster's moves and even its transformation-style of combining jet fighters are obviously inspired by the Getters. However, to help bridge the gap a little better, Shin Getter gains some of Gunbuster's abilities, most notably, its signature Inazuma Kick.

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