Shin Getter Dragon (usually simply called Shin Dragon) is a robot originating from Getter Robo Daikessen! and is a Super Robot featured in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 3. It's the evolved form of Getter Robo G after it was exposed to pure, unfiltered Getter Rays and was instrumental in The Knights' battles with the Guild of the Multiverse. This new form cannot separate and transform, but can transform parts of its body to resemble the Getter Liger and the Getter Poseidon. It is piloted by Ryoma Nagare.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Weapons and Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Getter Razor

The razors on the sides of Shin Dragon's forearms that can slice through almost anything with ease.

  • Tomahawk Boomerang

Just like its previous form, Shin Getter Dragon pulls out two tomahawks from its shoulders and throws them at the enemy like boomerangs.

  • Getter Tomahawk

Shin Getter Dragon draws one of its tomahawks, which grows to become far larger than the ones used in the previous attack. It then approaches its enemy at high speed and cleaves it.

  • Shin Liger Attack (Chain Attack & Drill Arm)

Shin Getter Dragon transforms its right hand into a drill, its right hand into a chain launcher, and its wings into a pair of massive boosters. It then attacks the enemy at high speed (similar to Shin Getter 2's Shin Getter Vision) before impaling the enemy with the chain arm, then finishing it off with the Getter Drill.

  • Shin Poseidon Attack (Getter Cyclone, Finger Net & Daisetsuzan Oroshi)

Shin Getter Dragon transforms both of its hands into the head of Getter Poseidon, with its wrist razors transforming into fan blades. It blows away the enemy with Getter Cyclone, catches them using two wires (a version of Finger Net), and throws them with the Daisetsuzan Oroshi.

  • Getter Beam

Shin Getter Dragon fires a powerful Getter Beam at its enemy from the gem on its forehead.

  • Shin Shine Spark

Shin Getter Dragon ascends into the air and begins to absorb Getter Rays, creating a swirling vortex of Getter energy. It then forms a glowing white sphere of energy around it and charges at its enemy. It then plow right through them or release it in a ball of light much like the original Dragon, causing a massive explosion that incinerates the enemy, similar to the effects of Stoner Sunshine. Unlike the version used by the original Getter Dragon, it can use it to attack multiple enemies at once.

 Combo Attacks[edit | edit source]

Combo attacks w/ Shin Getter Robo[edit | edit source]

  • Double Getter Beam
  • Double Shine Spark
  • Stoner Sunshine Spark

Shin Getter One tosses a Stoner Sunshine at Shin Dragon and the enhanced Super Robot uses it to strike their opponent instead of the Shin Shine Spark.

The Lights of Science and the Supernatural[edit | edit source]

Combo attacks with Mazinkaiser:

  • Getter Beam/Photon Beam Combo

Shin Dragon and Kaiser cross their Getter and Photon Beams. This crossed beam is able to reach long distances and can pierce through large patches of enemies.

  • Shin Shine Spark/Kaiser Nova Combo

Shin Dragon and Kaiser blast their opponent with both a Shin Shine Spark and Kaiser Nova.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Shin Dragon's origin is based off its original depiction in the Daikessen video game, but its attacks are based off of its appearance in Super Robot Wars T.

While this Getter is piloted only by Ryoma, Hayato and Musashi will often appear in the form of spirits made up of Getter Ray energy, especially during the Shin Liger and Poseidon attacks and during the Shin Shine Spark.

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