Shayera Hol, formerly Hawkgirl, is a character from Justice League/Justice League Unlimited and is a minor character introduced in the second season of The Knights of the Multiverse.

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Shayera is a very brave and fearless individual, who is also know for her signature war cry. She does have a habit of being sassy in many situations, mostly coming out in her frequent use of quips, which can be directed at both her enemies and allies. Despite her short fuse and often brutal M.O., she has a very keen mind, even regularly defeating Batman at chess.

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Thanks to her Thanagarian blood, Shayera has a pair of large hawk wings on her back that allow her to fly through the atmosphere of planets at least close to Earth's gravity.

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Shayera carries a mace made of Nth metal, a powerful metal on Thanagar, which can generate electric currents and repel magical energies. She's also able to throw it incredibly accurately at opponents.

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