This page is a footnote, made to explain the science/supernatural phenomena/small details seen throughout the series, The Knights of the Multiverse.

This page details the sequence of events for the characters and major plot points showcased in The Knights of the Multiverse.

Date Earth Prime Events Other World Events Real World Events
1939 to 1945 The events of World War II take place. The events of World War II take place.
1954 The original Godzilla attacks Tokyo. The monster's attack motivates world leaders to both create better defenses in case another Godzilla appears and, even more importantly, to find better, cleaner energy sources than nuclear power, least of all to use for weaponry. (This could be considered the point where Earth Prime diverges from most timelines.) The Original Godzilla is released.
1955 to around 2003 The Space Race occurs between 1955 to 1991, much like in the real world. On Earth Prime though, while America and Russia compete with each other throughout the conflict, Japan has a technological renaissance and rises up as the "technological empire" of the Earth, including the first mechas and the birth of Artificial Intelligence, though its use is very limited to androids. Other advancements include the discovery of the Getter Rays and Photonic Energy. At the same time though, more and more monsters, classified as Kaiju, similar to the Godzilla from '54 appear all over the world. The Space Race occurs.
1973 The original Mazinger Z anime is released.
1974 The original Getter Robo & Great Mazinger anime are released.
1975 Getter Robo G is released.
1985 A second Godzilla appears in Japan. This is followed by an even larger amount of Kaiju appearing all over the world.
1988 Aim for the Top: Gunbuster is released.
1992 The original Sailor Moon anime is released.
1994 Mobile Fighter G Gundam is released.
1995 Koji Kabuto and all three members of the Getter Team are born. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing & Neon Genesis Evangelion are released.
2007 Princess Star Butterfly is born. Phineas and Ferb begins airing on Disney Channel.
2009 The events of Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 take place.
2011 Late-Mid 2011: Mazinger Z launches to fight the Mechanical Beasts (or Kikaiju).
2012 Spring 2012: Getter Robo is launched to fight against the Dinosaur Empire.

Mid 2012-2014: The Mycenae and Haniwa Empires rise up from the depths of the Earth, initiating the Imperial Wars.

Princess Usagi Tsukino is born.
2013 Early 2013: Musashi Tomoe sacrifices himself to defeat the DInosaur Empire once and for all. Getter Robo G is created to fight the Hyakki Empire. Steven Universe begins airing on Cartoon Network.
2015 Star vs The Forces of Evil begins airing on Disney XD.
2018 2018 to 2020: The events of My Life as a Teenage Robot take place. 2018 to 2020: The events of Danny Phantom take place.
2020 Phineas Flynn & Ferb Fletcher's legendary summer: first foundation of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.
2021 The Convergance occurs, followed quickly by the establishment of The Crystal Knights.

Late-Mid 2021: L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. restarts its mission to take over the world.

2022 The War against OZ begins.

Shin Getter Robo is created.

2023 The War against the Guild of the Multiverse begins.

Mazinkaiser and Mazin Emperor G are created.

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