The Secret Society are a group of characters from Justice League and are major antagonists in Knights of the Multiverse Season 2. Originally simply meant to be a home away from home of sorts to protect supervillains and criminals alike from The Justice League, they eventually entered a three-way war between The Knights and Axis Zeon in a bid to take over/bring order to The Multiverse. They also forged alliances with other criminal organizations, villains, and other... individuals to aid them in their goals (for as long as they're useful, of course).

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Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

After the original Secret Society seemingly disbanded, Gorilla Grodd actually expanded the organization by recruiting several supervillains in the same fashion as the Justice League. Unlike the League, however, members were allowed to pursue their own operations, be it robbery or whatever, but they had the option of calling upon the organization for assistance should superheroes interfere. But, for such service, the standard fee was 25% of the relevant job's gross earnings.

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The Secret Society's story begins just before the events of Justice League Unlimited Season 3.

The main reason for the Secret Society's inclusion in the second season of KotM is to give the Knights a set of human-sized villains for them to go up against, and, as a change from the robotic foes they faced in the first season, are mostly human, with even several rivalries developing between team members with similar powers. Plus, the extended episode length allows the series to focus on a lot more of the team's roster, much more than the team's original appearance in 7 of the 13 episodes in the original JLU Season 3 (with the added potential of a couple members turning over a new leaf and joining the team, especially ones that seem to be more sympathetic like Bizarro or Volcana).

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