This page is a footnote, created to explain the science/supernatural phenomena/small details seen throughout the series, The Knights of the Multiverse

The page contains the basics on the scientific elements (mainly the energy sources and technology) shown in The Knights of the Multiverse

Energy Sources Edit

Photonic Energy Edit

Photon Atomic Energy (or Photonic Energy for short) is an energy source created from the material Japanium (an alloy stronger and more durable than steel that originated from a meteor that collided into Mt. Fuji many years ago) and other unknown minerals. It is much cleaner than nuclear power, giving off no pollution. Thanks to its efficiency, it is used to power most major cities around the world and is used as the primary power source for most mechas created on Earth Prime.

Getter Rays Edit

Getter Rays are essentially Earth Prime's form of nuclear radiation, typically green in color. They act as a boundless energy source that can be harvested to power complex machines, much like Photonic Energy. Unlike Photon Power though, it presents a number of hazardous risks. In a controlled environment, such as the amount stored inside of a Getter Robo unit, are relatively harmless, but an overload or massive amount of it can cause large-scale destruction, capable of destroying an entire city in seconds. Because of this, many measures have been taken to prevent meltdowns of radiation by limiting its use to the Getter mechs and certain military facilities.

Plasma Energy Edit

Mecha Technology Edit

In General Edit

All giant robots are referred to as "Mechs/Mechas" on Earth Prime. though can be referred to by other terms, like how the Gundam Wing characters refer to them as "Mobile Suits".

Basic Piloting Systems Edit

Most mechas can be piloted by similarly to a car, fighter plane or even a motorcycle (like Mazinger Z's controls).

Mobile Trace System Edit

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