Schtroheim Heinrich is a character from Mazinger Z (series) and is a minor character in The Knights of the Multiverse. The creator of Lorelai & Danube α1. he set out to compete against Juzo Kabuto's Mazinger Z as the world's most powerful robot.

Personality Edit

While Heinrich was kind and mild-mannered towards his daughter, he was very cruel and sadistic towards anyone associated with Juzo Kabuto. He also had a slight superiority complex, thinking that his creations were the . When it comes to both of Lorelai though, he genuinely did love her as if she were his human daughter, and thought of her as his greatest creation.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Years ago, Schtroheim was an up-and-coming scientist in robotics hailing from Germany who came to Japan years ago to continue his research. There he met Dr. Juzo Kabuto, one of the world's other leading scientists, and the two quickly formed a rivalry. Unfortunately, before he could make any real progress in his work, he was caught in a car accident years ago. Dr. Hell found his body and brought him back to life as a cyborg, though he did hold back from making any radical changes like some of his other minions. But, even with the repair work, he was stuck in a coma for several more years. When he finally awakened, he awoke in a world where his old rival, now dead, had created a robot called Mazinger Z that was revered the world over as a hero. This practically broke Schtroheim, unable to believe that something his old rival had created that had become world famous. Knowing that he could easily surpass it, he set out to finally create a robot of his own..

Using the data he collected from the Mycenae Empire, he set to work at once. But, to try and give his creation an edge over Mazinger, he sought to give his robot a heart and soul, with it capable of fighting with a consciousness. So to achieve this "sentience", Heinrich created a core unit in the form of a child-like android to experience a full range of human emotions, and thus Lorelai was born. The two then spent two entire years together, with Minerva experiencing a variety of human "scenarios", and started to form a genuine love for each other.

Skills Edit

  • Technological Genius

Heinrich had a skill in robotics on par with Juzo Kabuto's. Not only was he able to create an incredibly powerful super robot, but he also made it able to connect with a android with an artificial intelligence that give it practically full consciousness, and while Danube wasn't given as a advanced brain as Lorelai, he at least programmed him enough to fully communicate and operate on its own.

Relationships Edit

Lorelai Heinrich Edit

Heinrich loved Lorelai as he would if her were his human daughter. However, fearing that she easily be destroyed if she wasn't prepared, he kept her true purpose to fight against Mazinger Z a secret from her, at least until Danube was completed or when he felt the time was right.

Danube α1 Edit

Unlike Lorelai, Heinrich's relationships with Danube was never really shown.

Koji Kabuto Edit

Notes Edit

While he's supposed to fill the role of the original Juzo Kabuto, he still keeps his original counterpart's personality to give him more of a dramatic edge.

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