Sasha is a character from Amphibia and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse.

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Sasha is a rather charismatic girl, able to make friends surprisingly easily. This is mostly to try and get as many people on her good side as possible in case she gets into trouble and needs someone to bail or out, or to have someone take the blame. She's also somewhat of a rule-breaker like many of her comrades, often eagerly encouraging some of them into doing really "questionable" actions. While she may be manipulative though, she is also shown to be caring towards her friends and is often remorseful of her past deeds and will be genuinely sorry when her actions get someone hurt.

Despite her relatively normal stature, she's just as ready to fight as any of her teammates, always drawing her sword against even some of the larger opponents the Knights may face.

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  • Sword

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