Ryoma Nagare is a character from Getter Robo (1974) and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. The original leader of the Getter Team and pilot of the Black Getter & later Shin Getter Dragon, he departed after The Imperial Wars to start a journey with no true destination, but he'll often jump back into the fray to help out his old war buddies and their young allies.


Ryoma is a hot-blooded young man full of a strong sense of responsibility and honor, possessing a righteous heart believing in justice that allows him to overcome many problems. It's because of his strong will that put Ryo as Getter Team leader, with him always ready to pick his teammates back up when they're down (emotionally or physically) and cover their backs in a fight. Though he does have a very compassionate side, as he's always there to support any of his friends when they're upset, he's always eager for a good fight, even in the face of a powerful adversary, especially when it's one who've wronged him or his colleagues, yet maintains a fierce and aggressive disposition, seen best as he enthusiastically shouts his way into combat. He's also well aware of how dangerous his job as a pilot is, as proven by the death of his teammate Musashi, making it even more-so his job to make sure that he gets all of his teammates out alive.

Ryo takes his duty as a leader very seriously. In the past, this hefty responsibility made him impatient with his teammates, and was even known for leaving his comrades out of strategy sessions and for taking on dangerous tasks without enough forethought. Over time though, he has come to appreciate the value of developing and sticking to plans in which all participants understand their roles. Despite his brash nature (even years after he first climbed into a cockpit), he is very protective of his team, especially Hayato, Michiru and Ruri, whom he considers a brother and sisters.



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Abilities & Equipment

  • Athletics

Thanks to his time as soccer team captain in high school, Ryoma is very athletic, able to run pretty impressive distances, and has a mean high kick. He also has some martial arts skills, thanks to some personal training from his fellow pilot Kazuya Ryuzaki.

  • Laser Pistol

Like most of his fellow mech pilots, Ryoma carries a standard laser pistol.

  • Piloting Skills


Hayato Jin

After fighting by his side for so long, as well as with two Getter Robos, Ryoma cares for Hayato as much as a blood brother, both always watching each other's backs.

Musashi Tomoe

Michiru Saotome

Koji Kabuto

As a fellow super robot pilot, Ryoma views Koji as a brother in arms. The two have a friendly rivalry (nowhere near as intense as the one between himself and Tetsuya). While some of his outbursts might be... well, just plain annoying, he still views him as valuable as any comrade, and it's (usually) meant to act constructive criticism and will rework his plans accordingly. In fact, he actually respects Koji for his outbursts, seeing as he sometimes doesn't have enough courage to do it himself.

Tetsuya Tsurugi

Due to their long history of teaming up against aliens and other robots, Ryoma and Tetsuya share a friendly rivalry, with both always finding ways to poke fun at the other.

The Knights


Like Hayato, Ryoma's character model used in KotM is the same one used from his appearance in the Getter Robo Armageddon OVA, with some slight adjustments to match his appearance in the 1974 anime. For his appearance in flashbacks, his model resembles the one used in Super Robot Wars X Omega.

Ryoma's depiction in this series is meant to be a combination of his 1974 anime and Shin vs Neo counterparts, where he is heralded as a hero but prefers to be a wanderer and do things his own way, making him the ARC's equivalent to Batman or Punisher. He also has his Armageddon incarnation's red scarf rather than his original yellow/green one, mostly since it just seemed to fit his personality better.

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