Ruri Saotome is a character from Martian Successor Nadesico and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. Created in an experiment by Dr. Saotome to create an artificial human through a mix between DNA engineering, using a sample of Michiru Saotome's genes and Getter Rays, she serves as chief science/communications officer on The Knights, often aiding in technical support before becoming the pilot of Getter Liger, and later the main pilot of Shin Getter One.

Personality Edit

Despite being one of the younger members of the Crystal Knights, Ruri is probably the most intelligent member of the team, and is seen as something of a "child prodigy". Due to her origins in genetic engineering, she has a special affinity towards electronics, and she's always careful to consider all courses of action before doing anything, something that affects her attitude towards others.

On the surface, she comes off as cold and aloof to the others; she rarely ever speaks, and her outward attitude rarely came close to friendly, with her often disparaging the inane antics of her older co-workers and is extremely blunt about her low opinion of nearly everyone around her, frequently calling them idiots under her breath. However, in reality she's just reallly shy, having no interactions with anyone outside of her intermediate "family" and the occasional meeting with the Mazinger crew, and her silence is often due to her being tentative to engage in conversation. However, she has softened up greatly over time, due in part to her newfound friendship with her other younger teammates, especially Usagi & Lulli. Through it all though, she's still a loyal friend, and her technical skills are unmatched, proving to be of great use to the team.

When Hayato was killed in battle, it started up a chain reaction inside of her, having never witnessed a friend die on her before. She's started to become more emotional, like sudden angry outbursts. But more importantly, this event showed her that these "idiots" that she associated with were vulnerable, and started up a strange need for her to protect them.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Mini-Series Edit

Ruri was doing her usual job as a staff member at the New Photon/Saotome Labs one average day when she was informed that the Getter Team had mysteriously disappeared while they were on patrol, but she figured it was something really arbitrary, like they just stopped for some lunch and didn't want to be disturbed so they turned off their trackers.

Season 1 Edit

Ruri appears briefly in the first episode of the season, "The Knights", where she's operating within the New Photon/Saotome Labs control room. She's the one who alerts the others about the mysterious explosion downtown.

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Computer/Technical Skills

Ruri is able to interface directly into most technological equipment, including most mechas.

  • Hacking

Thanks to her technical skills, Ruri has a knack for hacking into security systems, top secret files, and any given electronic device.

  • Singing

Ruri has a surprisingly amazing singing voice.

  • Moderate Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills

Being an honorary member of the Getter Team, Ryo and Hayato made sure that Ruri was at least trained in self-defense. She's at least strong enough to toss a full-grown person over her head and can throw a decently mean punch.

  • Advanced Mental/Psychic Abilities

As a being born from Getter Rays, Ruri possesses some sort of psychic abilities, like how being able to detect levels of Getter Radiation, as well as other supernatural occurrences like Kaiju, and can manipulate their flow through mechanics and mechs powered by the rays.

Shin Getter One Edit

After being completed, Ruri took command of Getter One. Thanks to the Getter Rays in her body, she's able to manipulate the flow of the Getter Rays throughout the robot, able to channel it into many of its attacks, such as the Stoner Sunshine and Shin Shine Spark.

Relationships Edit

The Getter Team Edit

All three members of the Getter Team treat Ruri as an honorary fourth member of the team, even if she isn't in the air with them. She acts as the group's tech support, watching the group's backs on the scanners and checking their Getter Machines energy levels. As her sister though, she cares about Michiru the most, and will often go to her to discuss matters which even she doesn't understand.

Dr. Saotome Edit

Though he is technically her father, Ruri and Saotome have never been close.

Lulli Edit

Lulli was the first true friend that Ruri made outside the "family", and the same is true for Lulli. As such, the two have a strong, sister-like bond.

Usagi Tsukino Edit

Usagi was the first friend Ruri made outside of Lulli. Though she didn't take much notice of her at first due to her not speaking up too often (her still being traumatized by the destruction of her home and all), but after she broke her silence, the two became very good friends, with the two of them and Lulli going often getting up to their own antics when the others are busy. Usagi's newfound courage has rubbed off on her as well, giving her the courage to stand and fight with her friends, especially after Hayato's death.

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Tidal Wave Edit

Notes Edit

This version of Ruri takes inspiration from Go from Getter Robo Armageddon, another character created through the Getter Rays, even getting psychic powers and piloting Shin Getter One for a time. She also takes inspiration from Michiru's little brother Genki for obvious reasons, even taking his spot in Earth Prime's incarantion of the original Getter Robo story (since the only role Genki played in the original series was just to be "Annoying Kid Sidekick"). It also takes a bit of inspirtaion from Genki's... interesting Getter Robo Armageddon incarnation with her being two-to-three years old when the original Getter storyline takes place, and now being twelve when the series begins.

Ruri's red hair beads from the original series have been changed to green to represent her Getter enhancements.

Her friendship with Tidal Wave is based directly off of her original anime counterpart's relationship with the Nadesico's main computer Omiokane.

Ruri Suit

Ruri's first appearance in the original Martian Successor Nadesico series.

Ruri's pilot suit she gains in the first season is actually a mix between two suits: the suit's base colors of light green/aquamarine is inspired by the outfit she was wearing when she first appeared in the original Martian Successor Nadesico series, and the red/dark grey highlights and light yellow scarf are taken from her sister Michiru's outfit in her brief appearances in Getter Robo Armageddon. She even has an exact duplicate of her sister's helmet.

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