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This page is an explanation of the types of robots that are featured in The Knights of the Multiverse, particularly those featured on Earth Prime.

Typically, most robots in this series fall under two categories:

Mechas[edit | edit source]

"Mecha" or "mech suit" is the term given to giant robots on Earth Prime, even the ones from other dimensions. They are typically almost as tall as skyscrapers, sometimes even bigger, and house an enormous arsenal, usually consisting of lasers, missiles and bladed weaponry like swords & axes. Unless its a mass-produced type of robot, or are supposed to be similar like with Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, each has their own unique skill sets. Mechs that are used by hero-type pilots are classified as "Super Robots". Some mech suits are even programmed with a type of Artificial Intelligence, though it is a very rare case. Unique to mechs in this series, the ones with mouths are able to move them in perfect synchronization with their pilots' voice, and the ones with masks (particularly the ones with segments in the middle) light up when their pilot speaks. Mech suits typically fall under three different variants:

  • Standard Mech: The standard type of giant robot that is only piloted by a single pilot from a cockpit either located inside of the mech itself (commonly located in the head) or by some kind of vehicle that docks on a part of the mech's body. These kinds are usually only used for construction and other menial jobs.
  • Super Robots:
    • Normal-Type Super Robots: Normal-Type Supers . Examples of Normal-Type Supers include the Mazinger line of robots, Jeeg and most Gundams.
    • Transforming Super Robots: A type of Super Robot able to convert into a secondary form, which will typically take the form of a standard vehicle like a jet, car, or even a tank, but sometimes they are able to change into things like weapons or even animals. Like the standard models, sometimes the pilot operates a separate vehicle that docks with the main unit. Such examples of transforming mechs include Raideen, Daimos and Daitarn 3.
    • Combiner Super Robots: A super robot that is composed of multiple vehicles, typically jet fighters or cars, that are piloted by several pilots and merge together. Though a rare case, some combiners are able to use their separate components to convert into different forms, as seen with the Getter Robo lineup of mechs. Other examples of combining mechs include Gunbuster.

Androids[edit | edit source]

Androids are robots that appear almost exactly like humans, or at the very least have a vaguely humanoid appearance. Earth Prime's androids specifically are powered by Photon Power Cores (like the mechs) that can last, as estimated by some scientists, about one hundred-and-twenty years with their base cores, and their electronic A.I. brains have developed to the point where they are able to develop their own individual personalities, allowing them to adapt, think and feel exactly like their human counterparts, to the point where they can even produce tears and consume human food (though it's more of a luxury than a necessity like for humans. Their systems just convert the food's matter into more energy), making it really hard to tell the difference between the two species. As such, they are mostly treated as equal citizens, but there are obviously still instances where their creators and some people treat them like tools and trash, though actions like these are looked down upon and the people that perform these actions can face severe consequences. They usually come in three forms: small, resembling a nine-year-old human child, around the size of a human teenager (about 14-16 years old), and or as tall as a human adult. Like mech suits, EP's androids come in two distinct variants:

  • Normal-Types: The standard types of androids that can be found generally anywhere on Earth Prime. These kinds of androids take inspiration from the Droids from Star Wars, where they act as assistants to their "masters" and are used in a variety or roles and environments that are considered too dangerous (or menial) for humans, but also work in fields that require extensive specialization and knowledge. They are typically designed to act as housemaids, nurses, chefs, or factory workers, or even as children for couples that can't have any. Most are made to resemble humans, with artificial skin that covers their entire body. They do have lines on their joints (similarly to Astro Boy from the 1980's series), but these are hard to notice sometimes. Examples of these kinds of androids include characters like Mohm, Nyoka and Lorelai Heinrich.
  • Battle-Types: Similarly to mechas, these kinds of models have a large amount of weapons, mostly including lasers and bladed weapons, that are designed to either aid in more dangerous activities or to protect the planet like their larger "brothers-in-arms". Due to their more advanced nature, this kind of android is a lot more rare, since most of the science used to create them is more focused on creating new mechas. Examples of these kinds of androids include Atros, Melody and Tobikage.

The two types usually stay separate, though hybrids do exist, either through armor upgrades like Emily or by gaining powers through strange circumstances like Magneto. There have also been instances where an android will start out in a child body, but will later be upgraded into a teenaged one, such as with Mitsuko.

Other Types of Robots[edit | edit source]

  • Cybertronians/Transformers

Cybertronians like Starscream hail from the planet Cybertron and have the unique ability to change their shape (or transform) into a variety of shapes like cars and jets. Certain Transformers are also able to combine with Mini-Cons, a small, human-sized race of Cybertronians that were created to serve as worker units, to gain new powers or hidden weapons.

  • Chronos Robots

The robots that hail from the planet Chronos like Jet and Drill are a very unique case. Like Earth Prime, they come in two versions: human-type robots (with human-like faces and wearing armor) and more standard-looking robots that can convert in to vehicles, like Cybertronians. However, both types of robots are actually human-sized.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

The depiction of Androids in this series are heavily inspired by Astro Boy, and the theme of them trying to find their identities is a major theme in the series.

Some elements of the androids are inspired by the T-800s of the Terminator franchise, such as their "life spans" and neural net processors.

To expand on their power sets and characters, the super-powered androids (who were often only one-shot characters in their source material) have powers inspired by heroes from Marvel and DC Comics, from the more well-known to the slightly obscure.

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