The Reality Gems are items from Danny Phantom (series) and are very important items in the Knights of the Multiverse Mini-Series. They are four powerful gemstones created in ancient times that have the power to alter the very fabric of reality itself and gives the user virtual omnipotence.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Creation Edit

After the battle, Danny used the gauntlet to wipe everyone's memories of the events of the past few days. Danny then destroyed the gauntlet with a ghost ray. However, much to his shock, the ray only incinerated the Gauntlet. The gems themselves fell right to the ground, barely even scratched.

Season 1 Edit

Gems & Their Powers Edit

Gem of Power

Gem of Power Edit

The less reality-bending of all four gems, this gem is a square ruby that simply acts as a power source for the other gems, though it can also be used to power electronics.

Gem of Life

Gem of Life Edit

This gem is a square ruby that grants the user the power to bring inanimate objects to life, including piloted mechas. However, if the mech is more mystical in nature like Raideen, this has no effect.

Gem of Form

Gem of Form Edit

This gem is a rhombus-shaped topaz that gives the user the power to transform any object into anything the user designs, like turning a horde of goths into cute, fluffy teddy bears (yes, really).

Gem of Fantasy

Gem of Fantasy Edit

This gem is a circular sapphire that allows the user to make their wishes, dreams, and fantasies come true, ranging from superpowers to spawning material items.

When all the gems are brought together and activated in the correct order (form, fantasy, form, life, fantasy, power), it gives the user total control over all reality.

Notes Edit

Like many items in KotM that are carried over from other shows, the Reality Gems' origin is never given in its single episode appearance "Reality Trip". So, to tie it with major events like the Ancient Wars, the backstory here was created.

In the Reality Gems' appearance in "Reality Trip", the gems are destroyed along with the Guantlet. Here, it's been retconned that only the gauntlet was destroyed while the stones survived because... well, four super-powerful gems being blown up by one of Danny's standard ghost rays is just dumb.

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