The Gundam Mark I (designated as the Prototype RX-78-1) is a mech from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and is a mecha that first appears in the second season of The Knights of the Multiverse. It is the Earth Defense Command's first completed Gundam in Project V, and is piloted by Shiro Kabuto.

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Season 2 Edit

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Flight Edit

The Prototype Gundam has small jet boosters on both its backpack and the bottom of both its feet that allow it to fly short distances.

Super Strenght Edit

Vulcan Cannons Edit

The Prototype Gundam houses two Vulcan machine guns embedded on top of its head. While strong enough to destroy smaller aircraft, against normal-sized mechas, it mostly serves as a diversionary tactic.

Beam Saber Edit

Beam Rifle Edit

Powered by a small supply of Photon power, the Prototype Gundam carries an experimental beam rifle, capable of firing a laser beam similar to Mazinger Z's Photon Beams.

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