Pink Diamond is a character from Steven Universe and is the main protagonist in The Knights of the Multiverse. A founding member of the Crystal Knights, acting as team commanding officer, she strives to be as great a leader as she can be, while having to deal with all the insanity of threats from other universes.

Personality Edit

Pink is a kind-hearted being who is usually full of energy and ready to stand up for that which she feels is right. Unlike her fellow Diamonds, she treats all of her associates with the utmost respect, whether they be human, robot, or gem. Also unlike her sisters, she prefers to have a more open mind to things and think things through before rushing into conflict, always willing to hear her opponents' sides of the story before choosing a side. If push comes to shove and one of her friends is threatened though, she's not afraid to use extreme force on more stubborn/tyrannical opposition. She'll stand alongside her friends in any kind of fight, and isn't afraid to get lethal . She does possess a large amount of self-doubt because of how often the other Diamonds would dismiss her ideas in the past, but with help from fellow knights like Ryoma, she's willing to improve anyway she can.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Created about six thousands of years ago in her universe, Pink was excluded from most diamond activities, most likely due to her smaller stature and more child-like tendencies. Instead, to help keep up the morale on Homeworld, she would throw grand balls and other celebrations. Blue and Yellow would also frequently have her accompany them to some of their colonies. Sometimes, she would try to sneak some organics past her sisters, though they would always find out, mostly from them breaking out and running all over Homeworld, often getting her punished, even having her original Pearl taken away as punishment. After a good number of decades afterwards, she discovered a "defective" Pearl being abused by a group of aristocratic gems. Sensing a connection, she stepped in and "took her off their hands", and convinced her to serve as her personal Pearl.

Mini-Series Edit

Chance Meeting of Warriors Edit

While going about her usual business (which, of course, was nothing), Pink suddenly found herself waking up in a strange forest. With no idea where she had fallen, as well as not knowing where Pearl was, she figured she might as well look around. Amazed by this type of forest that she'd never seen before, she heard what sounded like a woman screaming in fear. Rushing towards it, she found a girl with red and yellow hair being attacked by mysterious black and white creatures.

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Abilities & Equipment Edit

Pink's Shield

Shield Edit

Like most Gems, Pink is able to summon her own personal weapon from her gem. In her case, she's able to summon a pink shield, which she can morph into a protective bubble, spiked ball, or simply enlarge it to protect her comrades.

Sword Edit

Forged by her friend Bismuth, Pink wields one of the greatest Gem swords ever forged, able to cut through most metals with ease and to channel her gem's power through it, though it isn't strong enough to cut through another gemstone.

Pink Diamond Human Form2

Pink in her human form.

Shapeshifting Edit

Like most Gems, Pink is able to shapeshift her form however she likes. In her case though, she just uses it to take the form of a human (or more specifically, shrinks down to an average human height, turning her skin color to peach, and dawning human clothes) to explore human civilizations and participate in human activities. This is the form that Pink will usually take when not on the battlefield.

Gem Energy Edit

Like the other Diamonds, Pink is able to channel energy from her gem. Unlike her sisters however, Pink is able to use a great amount of raw energy and use it in force, either by gathering into a single area (like in her hands or through a sword)

Rose Flash Edit

Pink charges the energy in her gem and forms a large ball of energy. She then launches it at the opponent, which envelopes them and thrusts across the field for a good distance before erupting into a huge explosion of pink energy.

Rose Slash Edit

Pink is able to channel her gem energy through her sword and create a strong energy slash from it to cut through her larger opponents.

Rose Shine Spark Edit

Combo attack w/ Getter Dragon: Pink fires a Rose Flash at Getter Dragon as it charges its Shine Spark. The attack's energy mixes with Dragon's Getter energy, creating a white and pink aura around it, and as Dragon charges through the opponent, it creates a much more devastating blast.

Triple Crystal Attack Edit

Combo attack w/ Usagi Tsukino & Star Butterfly: Triple combo where Pink fires her Rose Flash alongside Star and Usagi's Double Princess Beam.

Final Dynamic Special Edit

Combo attack w/ Getter Dragon (later Shin Getter 1), Usagi Tsukino, Mazinger Z (later Mazinkaiser), Star Butterfly and Great Mazinger: As Star, Usagi, Z and Great blast the opponent with a Double Princess Beam and a Double Burning Fire, Pink charges a Rose Flash and launches it at Dragon, creating a Rose Shine Spark as Dragon charges through the opponent.

Relationships Edit

Blue Diamond Edit

Yellow Diamond Edit

White Diamond Edit

Pearl Edit

In her days of Homeworld, Pearl was one of Pink's only friends (granted, she was created to keep her happy, but still).

Jasper Edit

The Famethyst Edit

As her personal guard, Pink respects and cares for the Famethyst guard. Though she cares for them equally, and while she might not like to admit it, her personal favorites are Skinny & Carnie, with them being the "defective" ones in the group.

Lapis Lazuli Edit

Ryoma Nagare Edit

Ryoma is Pink's biggest inspiration for fighting for justice, acting as sort of an older brother to her. He acts as her liaison for exploring Earth, often showing her Earth-based activities, like when he took her and a small group to see one of Benkei's baseball games. If Pink feels uncertain about a move she should make or a strategy she should use, Ryo is always the first person she turns to discuss her next course of action. He helps her give advise on leadership, consul her on her more personal issues, and trains her to hone her fighting skills.

Hayato Jin and Michiru Saotome Edit

Like Ryoma, Hayato and Michiru are two of Pink's closest confidants, with Hayato is Pink's main strategist, either laying down battle strategies and investigating suspicious areas, and Michiru acting as her conscious, giving her general life advice and offering moral support.

Star Butterfly Edit

Pink and Star are close friends, both being of royal descent and all. Star will also usually be the one to talk Pink into more dangerous activities or doing activities that she feels Yellow and Blue wouldn't approve of. That said, she is a lot more cautious of her more out-there ideas.

Usagi Tsukino Edit

Like Star, Pink and Usagi are close allies thanks to their royal statuses. However, Pink takes more of an older sister role, looking out for her safety due to her young age. She tries not to baby her down too much, of course, but she still knows that there're certain missions too big for her.

Koji Kabuto Edit

While respecting her as a leader, Koji is usually the one to point out the faults in Pink's plans and is the most vocal upon the silliness of a given situation. That said, she still views him as valuable as any comrade, and will usually take many of his comments as constructive criticism and will rework her plans accordingly. In fact, she actually respects Koji for his outbursts, seeing as she sometimes doesn't have enough courage to do it herself.

Sunset Shimmer Edit

Twilight Sparkle Edit

Starscream Edit

Starscream helps to teach Pink in the forms of sword training.

Tetsuya Tsurugi and Jun Hono Edit

Duo Maxwell Edit

Heero Yuy Edit

Trowa Barton Edit

Quatre Raberba Winner Edit

Wufei Chang Edit

Like the rest of her comrades, Pink views Wufei as nothing more than a bully. While the two don't often interact, the two's duel said more than it needed to, as after Pink (pretty easily) bested him, he chewed him out for his selfishness and how he treated her female companions.

Zechs Merquise Edit

Trieze Khushrenada Edit

Pink believes that Trieze is an honorable man with his concern for his men's lives and his surprisingly noble fighting skills. Still, she doesn't condone his actions in the least, let alone him being the one who sent the Gundams to their Earth in the first place.

Lady Une Edit

Unlike Trieze, Pink has zero respect for Lady Une. Obviously for her attempting to assassinate her when she went to the Wing Earth to simply wanted to discuss things, then following that up with her launching an attack on the base, let alone during one of her teammates' birthday parties which is just plain rude, but also for how she threatened to destroy the Colonies without a second thought.

Notes Edit

Like Star and Usagi, many of Pink's relationships are based off of Steven's dynamics between the Crystal Gems and Steven's other friends in the original Steven Universe series:

  • Usagi: Connie
  • Koji: Lars
  • Michiru: Sadie
  • Ryoma: Garnet
  • Hayato: Sapphire
  • Jasper: Ruby
  • Tetsuya: Pearl
  • Star: Amethyst
  • Demolisher: Bismuth
  • Starscream: Lapis Lazuli
  • Candace: Peridot
  • Sunset: Jamie
  • Twilight: Ronaldo Fryman (but less chaotic)
  •  : Mayor Dewey (but more hostile)
  •  : Sour Cream, Buck Dewey, and Jenny & Kiki Pizza (the Cool Kids)
  • The Sailor Quartet: The Off-Colors