Pacifica Northwest is a character from Gravity Falls and is a major character introduced in the first season of The Knights of the Multiverse. Originally as stuck-up and pretentious as the rest of her family, after the "interesting" events of the summer, she decided to move away from her family's dotty history and joined with The Crystal Knights to make a real difference.

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Due to her parents being such raised by such a shrewd and penny-pinching family that always spoiled her, Pacifica used to be stuck-up, egotistical, arrogant, snotty, and just plain unpleasant, looking down badly on "weirdos" and always lording over her ancestry. Now, after learning the truth of her family's history of lies and helping Dipper and Mabel Pines save Gravity Falls during Weirdmageddon, she's been trying to find a way to better herself and veer away from her family's misdeeds. Her trip of self-discovery also humbled her a great deal, giving a sarcastic and outgoing attitude. Her experience with the strange creatures from her hometown of Gravity Falls has also made her very "battle-hardened" to the insanity of this (and other) worlds, keeping a cool demeanor even in the strangest/most mundane of situations.

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Pre-Series Edit

After the events of Weird-maggedon, Pacifica's father foolishly pledged allegiance to Bill Cipher and placed all of his money in "weirdness bonds". As a result, he had to sell the family mansion to preserve his family's fortune (what little was left, anyway). After this, Pacifica decided to sneak away from her parents and do a little soul searching, and even took up a small job working as a waitress at Greasy's Diner. There, she got lots of experience with other people, gaining friendships with a large number of her co-workers.

Mini-Series Edit

After another boring day of work, Pacifica suddenly fell through a mysterious portal, finding herself in some kind of forest. At first, she thought this might've been another one of those Weirdmageddon side effects or whatever until she stumbled across a small group of humanoid creatures in masks.

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Self-bought and later upgraded by Kamille, Pacifica uses a grappling hook to either grapple herself up a ledge or building or to wrap up an opponent (or sometimes pierce straight into them), then releases a volt of electricity, paralyzing them.

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Pacifica Twitter Post

Pacifica's former job as a waitress actually is reference to an interview of Alex Hirsch himself, who said he imagined her getting a side job at Greasy's Diner after her family lost the manor. Her appearance is also based off of this tweet:

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