The Orguss is the titular robot of Super Dimension Century Orguss and is a mech introduced in Knights of the Multiverse Season 1. Created/piloted by Mohm (with some help from the other Knights), it uses parts from the EDC's Komyu recon jet & Spartan Destroid and plans from the VF-1S Valkyrie to create her own Mech to help the team in their battles.

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Fighter Mode Edit

A sort-of sudo jet mode, it's capable of flying 100kph (kilometers per hour) and can fire several missiles from the missile ports stored on its wings.

Gerwalk Mode Edit

A sort of halfway point between the Fighter and Robot Mode. The robot mode's legs will automatically deploy when Orguss tries to stop in mid-air to help it decelerate, and has tow missile pods located in the legs. This mode also assists greatly with launching and landing.

Robot Mode Edit

Standing at 8.7 meters, Orguss's main mode is armed with a beam rifle on its right arm, as well as a shield. It's also surprisingly very strong, able to pierce through most armors in a single punch (or at the very least, deal heavy damage to it).

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