Neo Queen Serenity is a character from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and is a minor character in The Knights of the Multiverse. She was originally her Earth's beloved hero Sailor Moon before becoming the beloved queen of Crystal Tokyo and the future Earth in the 30th-century In her universe. She's also the mother of Small Lady (Usagi) Tsukino.

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Neo Queen Serenity is a wise and just ruler of her kingdom. Whenever disaster strikes, she becomes very serious and defiant to use the Silver Crystal if the need arises. When it comes to her parenting however, due to how often she gets stressed from her duties, she can sometimes be semi-strict towards her daughter, but it just comes from how she's trying to teach and perfect her daughter into the next Queen of the Moon and Earth.

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Pre-Series Edit

At the age of twenty-two, Princess Serenity had married Prince Endymion and ascended the throne of the Moon Kingdom, thus beginning the second era of the Silver Millennium.

Mini-Series Edit

By the thirtieth century, Sailor Moon (as Princess Serenity) had ascended to the throne and become the Earth's most beloved ruler, as Neo-Queen Serenity with her beloved sweetheart, King Endymion, by her side. However, the evil Black Moon Clan had invaded her prosperous kingdom and attacked. Despite her best efforts to protect herself and her people, she was overpowered by the Malefic Black Crystal and put into a deep sleep; surrounded by crystal quartz for her own protection.

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King Endymion Edit

Usagi Tsukino Edit

Due to how much time she spends attending to her royal duties, Serenity doesn't spend as much time around her daughter as she would care to. While she often comes off as a little too strict towards Small Lady, she truly does love her, and is only try to help mold her into the next Queen of their kingdom; she just sometimes come off as more cold-hearted than she means to.

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