''Hello, Idk if you'd like some outside ideas... But I have a couple ideas, like the more well known things in kater getter robo and a more... Tired ryoma, idk if this is good either

consiser this an alternative idea to where just after hayatos death instead of a getter change attack at gekikanger ryoma instead manages to fire a shine spark powerful enough to rocket him and the dragon machine...somewhere '

When Ryoma awoke in the ruined cockpit of the getter dragon vehicle unit he wasn't sure how he ended up... Where ever he was but he knew a few things

Such as the The sky wasn't one he recognize granted him and his fellow knights did stray in many unfamiliar skies,but the machines ('were they getter Robos?') were what worried him

Billions of great machines all of untold size and power hovering above the seemingly endless desert he had roamed for who knows how long ('minutes? Hours? Days?') Large beams glittering off their hulls and firing untold blasts into the endless night, at the very least they give him some hope, hope as to what might be piloting them may be allies, maybe he would find a convoy of smaller ones ('more getters? Maybe just similar') perhaps they could be his way to finding home-(no, not home home was and old rundown dojo left alone-home was four friends two long gone and one he can't look at without being reminded of bloodthedrillhayatonononoshouldhavebeenmmeyfault) And so with a head full of guilt ryoma tredged on for as long as he could Till the sun was unbearable Till all he could do was be So caught up in memories (memories of a long dead father and sister, memories of a soccer coach more caring than his karate instructor father ever was,of a large judo captain and a withdrawn lanky kid his age who he would have should have a small voice says died for and alongside)

So caught up in guilt, he hadn't even noticed the large drop ship landed in front of the near collapsed ryoma, and the many soldiers harmed in a deep red, crisp white and vibrant yellow armor walked out surrounding and helping him into the chopper a rather more hefty man helps him to the closest chair on the ship and hands him a bottle of water (it's funny looking at this man he almost reminds him of)↵His train if thought is interrupted when a shorter soldier walks towards them holding something (ryoma swears he should recognize it as it's handed to the portly man)↵"Colonel mushasi your helmet" (WHAT)↵The colonel adorns the yellow helmet and ryoma almost wants to hurl his guts out↵And as ryoma looks at a phantom of his past he (it) just smiles in that warm dopey way he always did with a hint of something *off* and **speaks**↵"We've been waiting for you, Ryo"

might make a seccond part where ryoma talks with "mushasi" gets a future history lession and a gift (consider this a potential alternative take on the origin of shin getter g)

if ryo seems off and too whiny please understand the man is lost tired and just had his best friend killed and feel guilty as shit

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