Mohm is a character from Super Dimension Century Orguss and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. She's a MU Android, made to serve as a maintenance bot/maid/nurse, but was abandoned some time ago for, as of now, unknown reasons. Having a sophisticated A.I., Mohm possesses a variety of skills from cooking to nursing to repairing most Super Robots with ease. She's also the creator/pilot of the Orguss.

Personality Edit

Mohm is very excitable and talkative. She strives to be as friendly as possible, and is always trying to clean/repair anything she can find. Her primary program is to faithfully serve the person who bought her, but as she spends more time with her newfound friends, she's started to become more independent, with her wanting to join her newfound friends on the battlefield rather than just sitting on the sidelines.

Though less oblivious than some of her other teammates, Mohm doesn't always seem to understand insults. She does still get very emotional at times, mostly stemming from her deep fear of being abandoned again or being considered obsolete. She craves to be helpful and can't handle the idea of being more of a burden than a helping hand.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

About three years prior to the start of the series, Mohm was kept in a rundown autoparts shop, with all of her memories erased. She was in the store for at least several weeks before Koji Kabuto himself entered the shop, needing to pick up a couple replacement tools for Mazinger Z. When she noticed him, she approached him and offered herself for sale as a domestic servant. Natrually, Koji was furious at first that anyone would sell a girl as a slave but after learning she was a robot, he took pity on her and bought her on the spot, figuring that he could just pay Sayaka for the extra cost later.

Mini-Series Edit

Mohm made her first appearance in when the Knights arrived on Earth Prime. There, a large pipe that was being used to repair Great Mazinger's right arm had snapped off, causing the forearm to fall towards the group. Acting fast, she grabbed one of the nearby crane hooks and threw it at the arm, knocking it out of the way and landing next to the group.

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Skills & Equipment Edit

  • Photon Power Core

Like most robots made on Earth Prime, Mohm is powered by a rechargeable Photon Power Core. When she runs out of energy, she enters a sleep mode of sorts, but is easily rechargeable.

  • Maintenance Skills

Being a maintenance bot, Mohm can easily repair nearly any mechanical device with relative ease, like being able to "mostly" repair a Super Robot in a matter of moments.

  • Cleaning

Although technically skilled, Mohm spends most of her time doing the team’s laundry and cleaning.

  • Medical Skills
  • Enhanced Strenght

Despite her small stature, Mohm is able to lift most heavy objects, such as Mech-Sized cannons, with relative ease.

  • Gadgets

Mohm has several gadgets stored in her chest access panel, including a power cord that she can connect to almost any electrical device to either power it up with her Photon Power core is able to hack into most electronics by connecting herself to them via a cable from her chest panel, a "heart monitor" that checks she pulls out to check her energy level, and a second scanner she uses to analyze human patients.

  • Piloting Skills

Thanks to years of "practice" with Mazinger's Hover Pilder, Mohm has decent piloting skills, able to take command of most mechas and vehicles.

  • Orguss
    • Wanting to be more active in helping her friends of the frontlines, with some help from her colleagues, Mohm used parts from an EDC Komyu and Spartan Destroid to create Orguss, of which she acts as the main pilot.

Relationships Edit

Koji Kabuto Edit

For a time, Koji was the closest person in Mohm's life. She views Koji as a father figure, to the point where sometimes she accidentally calls him "daddy". While the two started out as a master/servant relationship (from Mohm's perspective, at least, Koji was never a fan of the idea), as the years have gone on, they've formed a more... "natural" brother/sister relationship. While she doesn't cling onto him as much as she did when she first arrived after she started spending more time with Usagi, she stills loves him greatly.

Sayaka Yumi Edit

Like Koji, Sayaka is one the closest people in Mohm's new life to the point where she thinks of her as a mother.

Tetsuya Tsurugi Edit

Getter Team Edit

Usagi Tsukino Edit

Usagi is Mohm's best friend, the two often getting into their own side missions while the other Knights are doing more "serious" tasks. She's also very important in Mohm's own journey, as Usagi pushing her into trying new things gave her the inspiration to act more independent.

Starscream Edit

Starscream got Mohm's attention immediately for being the first robot she's fixed up that could actually talk back, even giving her pointers on areas he feels need the most repairs.

Lorelai Heinrich Edit

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Notes Edit

Mohm's name is typically spelled in two ways (Mohm (as seen in the series) or Mome).

Just as Ruri takes inspiration from Go of Getter Robo Armageddon, Mohm takes inspiration from LiSA from Mazinger Z Infinity, serving as Koji's assistant of sorts, as well as thinking of him and Sayaka as her mother and father.

In the final episodes of Orguss, Mohm was loosing the last bits of her energy, resulting in her dying only one episode before the finale. In KotM, this plot point is abandoned and she's given a rechargeable battery, though this is homaged by her being drained of her energy a couple of times in the series.

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