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Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (Double Zeta) is a 1986 anime television series animated produced by Sunrise and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino that is featured in The Knights of the Multiverse. It is a direct sequel to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and the third Universal Century series to be made. It's story makes up a majority of the plot to KotM Season 2.

Featured Characters

Changes from Source Material

Since this version of ZZ is stemming off the Zeta Gundam New Translation movies (which, for all intents and purposes, pretty much wrote the show out of canon), naturally, there are going to be a lot of changes to the story:

  • The most obvious change from the original ZZ is that in the original, Kamille was left in a vegetative state after the events of the original Zeta Gundam. Here of course, since it follows the New Translation movies, Kamille is perfectly fine, even taking Judau Ashta's place as the main character of the arc.
  • Similar to how Usagi's friendship group is based around her relationships with the Sailor Guardians in her original series, some of Kamille's bonds on the team are based loosely around Judau Ashta's crew in the original:
  • To help establish the main three Puru sisters a little more (the original, Two and Twelve), about each third of the season is used to introduce them and get a grasp on their personalities: Elpeo at the beginning of the season, Two in episode 17 (the same episode where Puru was introduced in the original), and Twelve (and subsequently the other clones) in episode 32 (the episode where Puru Two was introduced).
  • In addition to that, rather than being thrown into the Psyco Gundam right away from her stasis nap, Puru Two is given her ReGelgu (rather than her own Qubeley Mk-II, but that change is better explained on Puru Two's page) and hops into the Mobile Fortress later on. In the storyline, this is explained by having her superiors test her Newtype powers before seeing how she performs in a mobile armor, which helps to foreshadow Puru Twelve piloting the Queen Mansa. However, for narrative purposes, this is to help establish the bond between her and her "sister", the original Puru, as well as several of the other Knights, to help make the battle with the Psyco even more dramatic and make her turn to the light a little more realistic.
  • Speaking of the Psyco Gundam, the original monolith of a mobile armor/mobile suit from the first Zeta series appears rather than the Mk-II, since A), it was never created by the Titans in the New Translation timeline and B), the original wasn't seen getting clearly seen destroyed in the movie as it did in the original series.
  • To shake things a little in the story, Judau's crew appears as a small platoon working under Axis Zeon, and are a constant sight on the battlefield, with them even piloting mobile suits from other Universal Century material that resemble the suits they piloted in the origiinal series (Roux getting the Zeta Plus from MSG:Unicorn rather than the Zeta (which subsequently results in a small rivalry between her and Kamille), Beecha getting the Delta Plus, also from Unicorn, instead of the Hyaku Shiki, and Elle getting the Gundam Mk-III instead of the Mk-II). In fact, Judau even becomes one of Kamille's biggest rivals throughout the season.

Adapted Episodes

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