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Mobile Suit Gundam is a long-running franchise created by Sunrise Inc and Yoshiyuki Tomino, with multiple series playing some type of role in The Knights of the Multiverse. The ones focused on the most are Zeta Gundam by proxy of its New Translation film trilogy, ZZ, and the Char's Counterattack movie

Series Featured

While Zeta, ZZ, and Char's Counterattack are the three most prominent sources of Gundam media that're featured in KotM, with their storylines and characters being used. However, there are plenty of mobile suits (mechs), vehicles and other machines from the franchise are seen throughout KotM, mostly in season 1 (in terms of KotM itself, their appearances can boil down to cosmic coincidence). Said elements come from the following shows:

The complete list of mechas' vehicles and other machinery from these shows includes:

Gundam SEED, SEED X Astray & SEED Destiny

Though the Cosmic Era side of the Gundam universe is never represented in full in KotM, several elements from it are used in the series, like several characters, several mechs/mobile suits, and several references to certain events in the original media:

*(This is even more meta because Athrun and Shinn's dynamic was somewhat based off of Kamille's dynamic with Quattro Bajeena in Zeta)


Characters like Kamille, Fa and Haman come from the Zeta Gundam: A New Translation film trilogy timeline. In fact, in the series proper begins right at the tail end of the third movie. However, the characters are still drawn as they appeared in the original 1985 Zeta series to make them look a little more cartoonish and therefore fit in a little better with the rest of the shows featured in KotM.

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