Mezo Shoji, also known as Tentacole, is a character from My Hero Academia and is a regular reoccurring character in The Knights of the Multiverse. He's a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. He and his classmates also frequently tutor Class 2-K.

Personality Edit

Despite his rather frightening appearance, Mezo is a very friendly and gentle person who will work nicely with anyone. He is not the type to hold grudges, showing no ill will towards those that harm him unwillingly. He's very selfless and is always willing to risk his life for a friend. He can be empathetic and understanding, but still shows a sense of maturity and responsibility that prevents himself from acting under emotional impulses, even if he feels regretful about it. It is evident that he is very protective of his fellow classmates, especially if they are hurt or injured.

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Skills/Quirks Edit

  • Dupli-Arms

Mezo's Quirk is that he has a set of tentacles attached to his arms. He can transform the tips into other parts of his body, like a mouth, ears and eyes. The duplicated body parts are more efficient than the originals; as a result, Mezo is able to hear better (which helps make him aware sneak attacks), see through more angles at a time, and they grant him much higher degrees of strength. He also uses his arms to talk most of the time rather than his actual mouth.

  • Octoblow

Mezo's super move, he manifests several arms at once, allowing him to unleash a barrage of blows to defend himself.

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