Megatron is a character from Transformers Armada and is the main antagonist of the Knights of the Multiverse Mini-Series. Once the tyrannical leader of the Decepticons, he has now become Unicron's main vessel for stealing the energy of any world across the Multiverse, destroying any resistance there with ruthless efficiency.

Personality Edit

Before he was destroyed in the final battle against Unicron, Megatron may have had some sense of honor and compassion for his men. He actually mourned Starscream's loss even after his betrayal, and heck, he actually threw himself into Unicron's core so Optimus go get away and lead Cybertron into a new era. However, after being revived with the use of DG cells, his spark has completely turned completely black and cold.

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Pre-Series Edit

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Abilities Edit

Transformation Edit

Like all Cybertronians, Megatron is able to change into some kind of vehicle. In his case, he transforms into an alien jet fighter.

Laser Cannons Edit

Power Sword Edit

Laser Eyes Edit

Megatron is able to fire two purple lasers from his eyes. When one eye is damaged, he's able to fire an even-more powerful blast.

DG Cells Edit

Megatron's body is infused with DG cells, allowing him to regenerate all injuries. In additon, thanks to his free will, he's able to control other DG cell-infused machines.

Relationships Edit

Unicron Edit

Once seen as an annoyance in the way of his conquest of the universe, after being reborn, Megatron has become mad with ambition to conquer the Multiverse with Unicron's power and follow Unicron's word to the letter, as long as it means he is able to put down any filth in his way.

Starscream Edit

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