Mazinkaiser is the second mech piloted by Koji Kabuto, which is introduced in the third season of The Knights of the Multiverse. While Mazinger Z was described as "becoming either a God or Devil", Kaiser has been described as "being able to surpass a God and beat the Devil".

History Edit

Season 3 Edit

Alongside Mazin Emperor G, Kaiser was put into production in an experiment to create a Mazinger robot powered by Silver Millennium magic (mostly with Usagi's magic), along with a few spare supplies from Shin Getter. After finally being completed, the team left it in its secret lab until Koji's birthday, even having Ruri secretly programing Hover Pilder to autopilot towards the lab when near and leaving a recording of them explaining the mech. However, Koji would find it sooner than Star and Usagi had hoped, as during the battle with Thrust's new Getter Robo army, Koji was thrown from Mazinger's cockpit, triggering the automatic system and taking Koji to the secret lab. After stumbling around the lab, he stumbled on the recording left by his friends, and motivated by Usagi and Mohm's words for wanting him to keep doing his best, he boards the Kaiser Pilder and sets out to return to the fight.

Ablilities Edit

  • Rust Tornado

Stronger form of Rust Hurricane.

  • Photon Beam
  • Turbo Smasher Punch

Similar to the standard Rocket Punch, expect the curves on Kaiser's arms spiral upon activation and launch, and is able to fire at a much faster rate.

  • Inferno Blaster

A much stronger Breast Fire attack, with it able to cover a much larger radius and dealing a much greater amount of damage than the original.

  • Shoulder Slicer

Kaiser is able to pull two swords out of it's shoulders.

  • Kaiser Blade
  • Kaiser Nova

Combo Attacks Edit

  • Tsunami Punch

Power given by Lapis: A power-up of the normal Turbo Smasher Punch that consumes Kaiser's fists in water. When they strikes its opponent, it pushes them back a few feet before busting through.

  • Double Emperor Blaster

Combo attack w/ Mazin Emperor G: Power-up of the Double Burning Fire between Mazinger Z and Great, where Kaiser and Emperor G blast their Fire Blaster & Great Blaster at the same time.

  • Double Slicer Slash
  • FInal Dynamic Special

Other Equipment Edit

Kaiser Pilder Edit

Kaiser Scrander Edit

Notes Edit

Mazinkaiser's origin acts as a sort-of hybrid of its origin in the Super Robot Wars series and the 2001 OVA series.

To give it a bit more of a presence, this version of Kaiser is scaled up to its height in the Super Robot Wars Alpha series of 28 meters, rather than the OVA version's height of 23 meters.

To give its Breast Fire attack name a bit more of an "oomph", its name "Fire Blaster" has been replaced by the name from its SKL counterpart, with the Fire Blaster name going to Govarian.

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