Mazinkaiser is the second mech piloted by Koji Kabuto, and is a Super Robot that is introduced in the first season of The Knights of the Multiverse before being completed and entering the field in Season 2. While Mazinger Z was described as "becoming either a God or Devil", Kaiser has been described as "being able to surpass a God and beat the Devil".


Season 1

Mazinkaiser's origins are actually pretty simple, and rather sweet: fearing that her adoptive father's legendary Super Robot might not last him much longer, Emily sought to try and design a new Mazinger for him. Unfortunately, she was having some trouble, so some of the other Knights decided to throw in their own suggestions, such as Amity proposing the simple idea of bulking it up and increasing its strength, Catra putting forward the idea of having swords come out of its shoulders like the Getter Robo's Tomahawks, Usagi recommending the forearms being given spirals like a drill to give it an extra, well, punch, Tom giving it devil horns 'cause it looks cool & he thought it might help emphasis the "God or Devil" thing he heard Koji talk about. Ayako even advocates adding a spare, super strong sword in the center of the chest, but Lapis pointed out how that would be sort of redundant with the shoulder swords.

Season 2

Mazinkaiser was put into production during the time between the first and second seasons, using spare parts from some of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.'s Super Robots.

Season 3

Abilities & Weapons

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Rust Tornado

Stronger form of the Rust Hurricane, with three high-powered tornadoes firing from Kaiser's mouth grill.

  • Photon Beam

A much more powerful version of Z's Photon Beam.

  • Turbo Smasher Punch

Similar to the standard Rocket Punch, expect the spirals on Kaiser's arms spiral upon activation and launch, and is able to fire at a much faster rate and deliver much more punch.

  • Drill Punch

Inspired by Getter 2 and Liger's Getter Drills, Kaiser activates the spirals on its forearms and charge through an opponent at full speed. Can either do this one-handed or two-handed, and can even punch through two opponents with two hands.

  • Giganto Missile

Mazinkaiser launches a powerful missile from its torso area.

  • Shoulder Slicer

Kaiser is able to pull two swords out of it's shoulders.

  • Kaiser Blade

An enormous sword emerges from Mazinkaiser's chest emblem.

  • Inferno Blaster

A much stronger Breast Fire attack, with it able to cover a much larger radius and dealing a much greater amount of damage than the original.

  • Final Breast Nova
Kaiser releases all of its energy in one enormous, fiery burst.
  • Kaiser Nova

Mazinkaiser charges up all of its Photon Energy and unleashes an incredible amount of it from its body all at once, creating a massive explosion that completely engulfs its enemy and burns them to ashes.

Combo Attacks

The Lights of Science and the Supernatural

Combo attacks with Shin Getter Dragon:

  • Getter Beam/Photon Beam Combo

Kaiser and Shin Dragon cross their Photon and Getter Beams. This crossed beam is able to reach long distances and can pierce through large patches of enemies.

  • Shin Shine Spark/Kaiser Nova Combo

Kaiser and Shin Dragon blast their opponent with both a Kaiser Nova and Shin Shine Spark.

Other Equipment

Kaiser Pilder

Like the Mazingers before it, Mazinkaiser's cockpit is located in a separate vehicle which functions as a jet fighter. It is armed with a laser beam in the tip of the nosecone.

However, unlike the original Pilder, when this Pilder combines with Kaiser, the cockpit reconfigures itself into a control system based off of the same one used by Raideen and Daimos, one that allows Kaiser to follow all of Koji's movements.

Kaiser Scrander


Mazinkaiser's origin acts as a sort-of hybrid of its origin in the Super Robot Wars series and the 2001 OVA series.

To give it a bit more of a presence, this version of Kaiser is scaled up to its height in the Super Robot Wars Alpha series of 28 meters, rather than the OVA version's height of 23 meters.

To give its Breast Fire attack name a bit more of an "oomph", its name "Fire Blaster" has been replaced by the name from its SKL counterpart, with the Fire Blaster name going to Govarian. In addition to that, the "Final Breast Nova" finisher is a homage to the same move used by Mazinger Zero.

The Raideen-based control system is entirely unique to this version of Kaiser.

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