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Mazinger Z is a series created by Go Nagai. Like its sister series Getter Robo, the characters used are set after the original 70's anime, and takes inspiration from several of its later adaptations.

Featured Characters Edit

Adapted Material Edit

Shin Mazinger Z/Mazinger Edition Z the Impact Edit

Lorelai and Danube's character models are based off of their appearances in the series, and while their introductory episode is played similarly to their mini-arc in the series for the most part, the outcome is very different (mostly because, well, they live).

Energer Z and the Groizer X Squadron's appearances/plot points are slightly tweeked from their appearances in the series.

Mazinkaiser OVA Edit

The Mazinger Team's character models are based directly off of their appearances in the OVA.

Mazinger Z's entrance in the first episode of the Mini-Series and Great Mazinger's in the Mini-Series's second episode are lifted from the first episode of the OVA, though Great's also mixes in elements from its reappearance in the OVA's seventh episode.

Mazinkaiser's introduction is directly based off of the first two episodes of the OVA, though is mixed with some elements of Getter Robo: Armageddon's first three episodes.

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