Mazinger Z is the first mech piloted by Koji Kabuto in The Knights of the Multiverse. In Season 3, after Koji recieves Mazinkaiser, Sayaka takes over piloting it.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

After defeating Dr. Hell and the Mycenae Empire alongside the rest of the Mazinger team, Koji and his friends spent the next year protecting their earth against any new giant monsters and robots, even working with the Getter team from time to time.

Mini-Series Edit

On a seemingly normal day, Koji took Mazinger out to battle some new robot attacking a nearby city. Unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to rendezvous with Great Mazinger and Tetsuya as they flew straight through a sudden red portal.

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

However, Mazinger's end would come in their second battle against Thrust's guild, when it took part in the battle against the first assault of the Getter Army. During the battle, Mazinger was knocked off balance, and with two Liger units pinning it down by drilling into its legs and a Poseidon unit holding its arms in a Hemlock maneuver, a Dragon unit ripped the Hover Pilder from its head and threw it into the distance. The Getter units then took the damaged Mazinger back to the Guild Headquarters, and Dr. Locus modified it into the Dark Mazinger (which the Knights were quick to poke fun at for its unoriginality) and led a squadron of Getters to attack the Knights' base in it. Great Mazinger attempted to hold it off while still injured from the battle earlier as the others held off the Getter units, only to be brutally incapacitated by it. Before he could finish Great off with a Breast Fire however, an even larger Breast Fire-like blast erupted in the sky above Mazinger, destroying/melting all the enemy Getter units. Seeing Mazinkaiser rise up from the flaming remains of the Getters, Locus panicked and fired everything at Kaiser: both rocket punches (only for both fists to bounce of Kaiser's chest), a Photon Beam (which barely even singed Kaiser's face), and was about to fire a Breast Fire, before Kaiser knocked it onto the ground, then pounded into its chest and ripped its chest panels off. Kaiser then through the ravaged machine into the side of the base as it continued its onslaught.

Accessories Edit

Hover Pilder Edit

Scrander Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Drill Missile

Numerous small missiles fire from the ports behind Mazinger's forearms.

  • Rocket Punch

Mazinger fires one of its forearms and rockets it forward and plows through the opponent.

  • Iron Cutter

Two axe-like blades pop out from both sides of both arms. When fired, they're able to cut through nearly any surface.

  • Rust Hurricane

A gust of wind shoots from the grill on Mazinger's face and disintegrates the opponent in a bluish-green mist.

  • Photon Beam

Two energy beams that fire from Mazinger's eyes.

  • Breast Fire

A burst of fire energy that fires from the panels on Mazinger's chest.

Combo Attacks Edit

  • Double Burning Fire

Combo attack w/ Great Mazinger: Z and Great fire their Breast Fire and Breast Burn at an opponent.

  • Fire Storm

Combo attack w/ Kotetsu Jeeg: Z's Breast Fire and Jeeg's Spin Storm combine to create an enormous black, white and red fiery tornado that swallows their target whole.

  • Unnamed Combo w/ Danube

Combo attack w/ Danube α1: Z and Danube fire their Breast Fire & German Blizzard, similar to a mix between the Double Burning Fire and Lapis & Tom's Fire Whirlwind.

  • Final Dynamic Special v1

Combo attack w/ Great Mazinger & Getter Dragon: Mazinger's Breast Fire combines with Great's Thunder Break and Dragon's Getter Beam to create a large red/pink, electical blast.

  • Final Dynamic Special v2:

Combo attack w/ Usagi Tsukino, Lapis Lazuli, Tom Lucitor, Great Mazinger and Getter Dragon: While Tom and Lapis suspend the opponent in the air with a Fire Whirlpool, Z and Great fly up to the side of them and blast them with a Double Burning Fire, while Usagi and Dragon finish it off with a Shine Spark and Moon Princess Halation.

Dark Mazinger Edit

Still wanting to analyze Mazinger after seeing it and the other mechs when they arrived on his Earth, Locus convinced Thrust to have the Getter units capture the mech. Having customizing it personally, Locus piloted the newly named Dark Mazinger as he led an attack on the homebase with a squadron of Dark Getter Units. He had nearly destroyed Great Mazinger, until Mazinkaiser's unexpected appearance and nearly destroyed it completely.

Notes Edit

To match up closer to the other mechs featured in the series, Mazinger's height has scaled up to 24 meters/78 feet, the same height as its Shin Mazinger counterpart.

In a strange twist, the Iron Cutter is rarely used as a varient for the normal Rocket Punch. Rather, in KotM, it's used more as a bladed/melee weapon.

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