Mazin Emperor G is the second mech used by Tetsuya Tsurugi in The Knights of the Multiverse. It was created in an experiment to make a Great Mazinger upgrade powered by Mewman magic in a joint project with Mazinkaiser.

History Edit

Season 3 Edit

Created in a joint project with Mazinkaiser to make a Mazinger robot powered by Mewman magic (but also as a birthday present from Star), G was only partially completed when Koji found the secret location it and Kaiser were being constructed.

Abilities Edit

Great Pressure Punch Edit

Empero Blade Edit

Thunderbolt Breaker Edit

An upgraded version of Thunder Break, two thunder bolts strike Emperor G's horns, with a ball of lightning forming around his hand. G then "throws" the ball at his opponent, eclipsing them entirely. He then ends the attack by throwing a smaller lightning ball, causing a large explosion.

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