Mayu Asuka is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny and is a minor character in The Knights of the Multiverse. She was the younger sister of Shinn Asuka.


Mayu was a very kind young girl, being very vibrant, outgoing, and generous.



Mayu Asuka was born in Side 6, and much of her life was spent in peace in the colony. He attended school, where he did reasonably well, though even in those days he had a stubborn streak that sometimes landed him into trouble. Her greatest joy was spending time with her older brother Shinn, three years her senior. Like her parents, Shinn was largely unconcerned by the goings-on outside the borders of their little colony, trusting in a small group of Zeon remnants who had survived the war and dedicated themselves to protecting their new home from any Federation treachery, several of whom Mayu and Shinn made close friends out of, to keep them safe.

Then on June 15th, U.C. 0086, everything changed when the Federation, or more specifically, the Titans, attacked. As the call for evacuation was ordered, Mayu and Shinn fled as their parents led them down towards the port, where several ships were waiting to take on evacuating civilians. As they ran for their lives, Mayu's cellphone fell from her purse, and Shinn leapt down the bank to retrieve it. Unfortunately, as he did so, a stray shot from the battle between the Titans and the Zeon remnants struck the hillside above. Shinn was thrown off his feet and tumbled down the cliff, just a few feet away from an evacuee ship. And sadly, Mayu and their parents were killed instantly.


Shinn Asuka

Mayu and Shinn were very close.


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