The MU (Multi-Purpose Unit) Androids are a group of characters from Super Dimensional Century Orguss and are a group of minor characters in The Knights of the Multiverse, with a majority of them being introduced in Season 1. They are a particularly line of mass-produced androids working as maintenance bots, operators and nurses. While a couple of unnamed ones show up throughout the show, the series focuses on a small group of them that were abandoned some time ago and serves as target practice for a band of renegade Ex-Military Robots. They were then discovered and rescued by a small group of Crystal Knights, and from there, they often help the team by acting as medical staff, communications, radar, and other technical support.

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All the MU Androids are very technologically sound, being able to operate most technology (old and new) with ease, and when working together, can complete construction on a mech suit in record time. They also have a large variety of medical supplies.

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The name MU comes from the original Orguss from a nation of the same name, which was a nation made up entirely of robots that came from another world that was forced to fuse with the Earth after the detonation of the series' Time/Space Bomb. The robots were originally built by the humans of their world but revolted and wiped out their former masters. They were bent on destroying all sentient organic beings, and even robots that resemble them. This is also where the Ex-Military Bots come from.
The appearances of the other MU androids come from the 32nd episode of the original Orguss, "Outsider", where the camera passes by several dead copies of Mohm in different colors. The character that Lisa is based off of also has a single line in the episode before being (presumably) killed by an explosion.

All of the characters' names come from several characters from its sister show, Super Dimension Fortress Macross. In particular, they come from the operators on the original SDF-1 Macross. A full list of them (and other Macross operators) can be seen here

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