Lorelai Heinrich is a character from Mazinger Z and is a reoccurring character in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. She's an android created by Schtroheim Heinrich that acts as the core component to Danube α1 to compete against his rival Juzo Kabuto's masterpiece, the Mazinger Z. However, she ended up befriending several of The Knights, and thus, after her father's death, she joined them on their adventures.

Personality Edit

Lorelai is a sweet and loving young girl, being very open towards anyone she meets and being very caring towards wildlife, especially birds and fish. However, she isn't afraid to fight back if she needs to.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Created by Dr. Schtroheim Heinrich, Lorelai was created in order to complete his Danube robot to compete against Dr. Juzo Kabuto's mighty robot. To give his giant robot a working consciousness, Heinrich made Lorelai a fully-developed artificial intelligence, allowing her to feel different emotions and feelings while treating her as his own daughter. But to Lorelai, she believed he built her simply to have a little companionship in his life (most likely because of how ugly he was). From there, she worked to clean the house and went to a local school while their father was too busy with "personal projects", as he put it.

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Abilities & Equipment Edit

  • Photon Power Core

Lorelai is powered by a Photon Power Core, using Photonic Energy her father managed to steal from behind Juzo's back.

  • Fusion!

By removing the bow on her head, Lorelai links up with Danube, with her jumping into the air in a ball of light and entering through Danube's chest. From there, she takes control of all of Danube's motor functions (aside from its head unit) and unlocks his weapons systems.

  • Enhanced Strength

While not as "super" in strength as others, Lorelai is strong enough to lift most heavy metals.

  • Enhanced Agility

Lorelai is able to jump great distances in moments, most prominently shown by how far into the air she leaps to fuse with Danube.

  • Hyper-Sensitive Hearing

Lorelai's hearing can be amplified by 1000 times.

  • German Blizzard

Lorelai is able to fire a smaller version of Danube's freezing German Blizzard from her hands

Relationships Edit

Schtroheim Heinrich Edit

Lorelai loved her father greatly, despite his rather scary appearance and some of his rather crude methods, and how often he would distance himself to continue his work on Danube. When he told her the real reason for her creation, she was more than willing to sacrifice her old life as a normal girl to fulfill his wish of being the greatest robot engineer and protect the beautiful world he loved.

Honey Kisaragi Edit

Mitsuko Edit

Usagi Tsukino Edit

As one of the first people she met when she was able to enter the outside world, Lorelai and Usagi quickly became friends. As the two are some of the youngest members of the team, the two became very close as they continued to help the other Knights battle the forces of evil.

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Rosica Edit

Tom Lucitor Edit

Though not to the same extent as Lapis and Magneto, Lorelai and Tom have a good friendship, even with their counter-balancing powers. Of course, she was scared of him at first due to his demonic appearance, but she got over it relatively quickly when she learned he was a pretty chill guy (y'know, when he wasn't infurated beyond belief).

Lapis Lazuli & Magneto Edit

Koji Kabuto Edit

Despite being the man she was created to defeat, Lorelai ended up having a pretty decent friendship with Koji.

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Notes Edit

Lorelai's character model is based off of her appearance in Mazinger Editon Z: The Impact, but has been modified to have lines on her arm and leg joints, similarly to other android characters in KotM. However, her winter outfit is in reference to her appearance in the 70's anime.

The biggest change to Lorelai's character is how she's able to unfuse from Danube similarly to how Guy Shishioh fuses with GaoGaiGar, whereas in the original canon, it's heavily implied that she's unable to.

In the original series, Lorelai didn't have any unique powers outside of Danube, least of a smaller version of the German Blizzard. So, she's been given her special abilities outside of her mech to have her contribute more to the team.

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