Lord Boxman is a character from OK K.O. Let's be Heroes and is a minor character, later major antagonist in The Knights of the Multiverse. Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond's creator/father, he starts the series in a minor role in the mini-series before coming back as a member of the Guild of the Multiverse in Season 3.

Personality Edit

Boxman is a classic villain who despises everything nice and friendly. It disgusts him enough to actually cause him physical pain, in some cases. While he does have a brilliant scientific mind, as exemplified by the large business he's made for mass-producing robots, Boxman has the temperament of a child, throwing fits whenever he loses and easy to persuade.

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Season 2 Edit

Thanks to some handy manipulation from his associate Professor Venomous, Boxman was able to reclaim Boxmore from Darrell. As such, he tracked several of the Crystal Knights (after they had come for a supply run), and arrived at their base to "reclaim his stolen property".

Season 3 Edit

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Boxmore Robots Edit

Whether it be Darrell, Shannon, Raymond, or even Jethro, Boxman treats all his robots like an abusive father, scolding them for their failures and barely giving any care to most of their other non-Plaza-attacking activities.

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